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10 DIY Gutter Guard Benefits & Recommendations

Gutter guards are a popular product in the Australian market that provide a physical barrier protecting the gutters from clogging with leaves, debris, and other materials, which can cause water damage to homes. They are widely used in Australia to prevent gutter blockages and improve the efficiency of rainwater management systems.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of gutter guards and provide specific examples of popular gutter guard products available in the Australian market.

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Benefits of Gutter Guards

  1. Prevents clogging 
  2. Reduces maintenance 
  3. Improves water flow 
  4. Improves occupants safety 
  5. Improve Rainwater Harvesting Systems 
  6. Bird proofing 
  7. Reduce risks of pest infestations 
  8. Increase longevity of gutters
  9. Enhances the appearance of your home
  10. Protects against ember attack
different gutter guard types

Prevents Clogging

One of the primary benefits of gutter guards is that they prevent blocked gutters. Leaves, debris, and other materials can quickly accumulate in gutters, reducing their efficiency and increasing the risk of water damage to the home. Installing gutter guards prevents clogged gutters by blocking materials from entering the gutter system, ensuring rainwater is efficiently channelled away from the home. This helps to prevent water damage caused by any drain blockage, including underground drains. 

The best gutter guards designed to prevent clogging include metal gutter guards, such as Leaf Guard or Gutter Mesh, designed to prevent leaves and debris from entering the gutters. Gutter guards installed with an ember mesh will prevent blockages of even small debris trees like pine needles and gum nuts. 

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clean out the gutters with a brush

Reduces Maintenance

Other key benefits are that gutter covers drastically reduce the need for regular gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance. This can save time and effort, as gutter cleaning is an arduous and tedious task. Gutter and leaf guards prevent clogging, reducing the need for regular cleaning, and ensuring that gutters remain clear and functional.

It is essential to understand that a gutter guard does not eliminate cleaning and maintenance However, some gutter guards are better suited to reduce gutter maintenance and improve gutter water flow than others. 

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gutter guard on tiled roof

Improves Occupants Safety

Gutter guards also improve homeowners’ safety by reducing the risk of ladder accidents, falls, and other accidents associated with gutter cleaning. Between 2010 and 2014, there were 8,496 hospital admissions and 51 deaths in New South Wales alone from people falling off a ladder. Hiring professional installation services to install gutter guards reduces the safety risks associated with installing the products at heights.

If you plan to install gutter guards yourself, ensure you take all necessary precautions, including adhering to working at heights guidance, wearing appropriate clothing, and removing any moisture-laden debris on the roof or ground.

Improves Water Flow

Gutter guards help to avoid gutter blockages. Gutters become blocked for various reasons. Therefore, a gutter guard improves water flow through gutters and downspouts, reducing the risks of overflowing gutters and water damage. Gutter covers ensure that rainwater is efficiently channelled away from the home, reducing the risk of water damage caused by overflowing drains and clogged downspouts. 

In alpine areas, gutter guards alleviate ice dams and clogs from frozen or wet debris. Although most homes in Australia do not require a gutter guard to prevent ice dams, homes in climates that experience severe frost and snow will benefit from gutter guards. 

Some gutter guards are also better suited to protect homes from heavy rainfall. Various gutter guards help to improve water flow. However, the best type of gutter guards in snow or heavy rain include integrated gutter mesh systems and reverse curve gutter guards. 

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tile roof gutter guard

Improves Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Gutter guards can also improve the efficiency of rainwater harvesting systems by preventing debris from entering and contaminating the collected water. By improving the efficiency of your rainwater tank system, gutter guards help to conserve water and reduce the need for additional water sources. Specific gutter guards provide AS4020 drinking standards, suitable for water consumption and home use.

Examples of gutter guards designed for rainwater harvesting include those specifically designed for this purpose, such as the rain harvesting gutter guard, which can improve the efficiency of rainwater collection by preventing debris from entering the system.

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Bird Proofing

Some gutter guards prevent birds from accessing and nesting in existing gutters and your roof space with a physical barrier. A gutter guard reduces the risk of damage to the home and the birds. This can help to ensure that the gutter system remains functional from bird material potentially blocking it while also reducing the risk of damage to the home with unsightly stains and bird damage. Preventing birds from nesting in your gutters also improves your family’s health, reducing bird lice and related diseases.

Pest controllers can install leaf guards and gutter protection systems with a surface that discourages birds from perching and resting on the guard. It is important to note that there are better solutions than a gutter guard that will keep the bird off your roof permanently. However, it can be highly effective when combined with other bird-preventative measures.

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leaf guard gutter protection system

Reduces Pest Infestations

Some gutter guards can also prevent pests such as rodents and insects from entering and nesting in gutters. A gutter guard will not prevent mice and rats from entering your home, as the home has various entry points. However, it prevents them from nesting in your guttering systems.

Stagnant water sitting in your guttering is also a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes. If you prevent debris from building up, it removes the risk of stagnant water. A gutter guard helps prevent home damage and ensures the system remains functional.

One other pest that gutter guard is effective against is possums. The best gutter guard for possum attacks is gutter mesh installed with a gutter protection system.

Increases Longevity of Gutters

By preventing clogging and reducing the need for regular cleaning, gutter guards can also increase the longevity of gutters and downspouts, helping protect the home’s investment. High-quality gutter guards, made from durable materials such as aluminium, can effectively prevent clogging and increase the longevity of gutters.

Enhances the Appearance of the Home

Some gutter guards are also designed to be visually appealing, adding a touch of style to the home and providing functional benefits. Sleek and stylish gutter guards can enhance the home’s overall appearance while also providing effective protection from clogging.

Integrated mesh systems provide mesh, saddles, and trims in various Colorbond® and tiled colours. Homeowners can colour-match the gutter mesh to the roof and the trims to the guttering.

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corrugated gutter guard gutter mesh

Protects Against Ember Attack

Ember guards are designed to protect the home against ember attacks in bushfire-prone areas. Ember guards have a hole size of less than 2mm, preventing embers from entering and igniting litter in the gutters. These specialised gutter guards can help to prevent embers from entering the gutter system, reducing the risk of fire started by the lighted embers.

Your choice of ember guard will depend on the BAL ratings of your area. Each bushfire-prone area has specific BAL ratings and requires a particular material. Aluminium gutter guards suit properties up to a BAL-29 rating. Homeowners should use steel ember guards for homes in extreme bushfire risk areas, BAL-40 to BAL-FZ.

tile gutter guard system

In conclusion, gutter guards provide a range of benefits for homeowners in Australia, including preventing clogging, reducing maintenance, improving water flow, preventing pest infestations, increasing the longevity of gutters, enhancing the appearance of the home, improving rainwater harvesting, bird proofing, protecting against water damage, improving occupant safety, and protecting against ember attacks. When choosing a gutter guard, it is essential to consider the specific needs and requirements of the home, as well as the type of gutter system in place.

At Aussie DIY Solutions, we offer a wide range of gutter guards to suit every possible DIY budget. We provide gutter guard kits & ember guard kits for corrugated, tiled, trimdek® and Klip-Lok® roofs and kits for box gutters and roof valleys

We also provide solar panel mesh for solar panel protection from birds. 

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