Save thousands of dollars while protecting your home with the best ember guards kits available online - right here at Aussie DIY Solutions.

These DIY ember guard kits make it a breeze to prevent the destruction of your home due to wind-borne embers while meeting Australian Fire Standards.

And with so many different options, trim colors, and mesh colors - you’re sure to find the right kit for your roof.

Whether you have a corrugated roof or tile roof you’re looking to outfit, you’ll find the right tools and resources here at prices that fit your budget.

What Is The Difference Between Ember Guards & Standard Gutter Guards?

We often see people use ember guards and gutter guards as interchangeable terms - after all, they both attach to your roof and seek to protect from foreign matter, right?

These are entirely different categories and should not be mistaken as the same, because they’re very different.

Rooftop ember guards are incredibly important if you live in an area prone to bushfires - as many of us do. In these regions, flying embers are the biggest culprit of house fires.

The wind carries these embers to your structure, and without a fireproof guard designed to protect against them - they are able to penetrate your roof and set your home ablaze. That’s why these kits feature a very specific ember mesh.

Gutter guards, on the other hand, are a bit more general and should be installed on every home, regardless of location. These seek to keep out non-flammable debris such as leaves, dirt, etc, and can be composed of a wide range of gutter meshes.

Are Rooftop Ember Guards Mandatory On Your Home?

You know you need some form of gutter protection - but are ember guard kits in particular really necessary for your home?

This depends on where exactly you live and your specific structure, which is why it’s worth doing some research into your BAL Rating.

If you live here in Australia, then chances are, yes - these are required during building to prevent the threat of internal fire from flying embers.

They not only prevent embers from getting through, but will reduce the build-up of leaves and other debris from piling up in your gutters - which serve as fuel for these embers, and could compromise the safety of your home.

What Should Ember Guards Be Made Of?

It should go without saying that your ember guard kit needs to be made of fire-resistant material - but specific makeup will vary from product to product, brand to brand - in accordance with different BAL ratings.

For example - our BAL-29 rated ember guards are built with aluminum screening that is entirely fireproof.

Even our woven mesh ember guard kits are then coated in high-strength aluminum to ensure they not only last decades - but are rated to meet Australian Fire Standards as safe in case of flying embers.

Why Aussie DIY Solutions Offers The Best Rooftop Ember Guard Kits

You don’t need to drop thousands of dollars on a professional roofer to come out to your home and install your ember guard - thanks to Aussie DIY Solutions.

Nobody makes it easier and more cost-effective to protect your home from bushfires and their stray embers than we do, with our simple DIY kits.

Not only are these perfect for protection from bushfires, they keep out pine trees, jacarandas, and other fine debris - along with all the vermin you’re familiar with, like possums, birds, and more.

They’re also UV rated, and come with incredibly long warranties - so you can feel confident checking out, knowing your investment is protected for the long haul. Here are some additional reasons our kits are the best available online.

Our Kits Meet Australian Fire Standards

Don’t risk a fine or penalty by the Australian Fire Standards board - or worse. When you install our DIY kits you are protecting yourself, your family, and your home.

All our screens are rated to Australian fire standards AS3959 and compliant with bell ratings 11,19, and 29.

They’ll not only keep leaves and other fire fuel from accumulating in your gutters, but they’ll also keep out those embers that could result in tragedy.

Cost-Effective & Easy To Install All On Your Own

While you could spend thousands for a professional to come out and do your roof, we reckon you’d prefer to save that money for a family vacation or to pay off some debt - which is possible when you opt instead for our DIY gutter kits.

These ember kits feature easy-to-follow instructions that allow you to forgo any professional work needed - and thus, avoid a professional’s egregious pay rate!

When you purchase through us, you pay way under what you’d expect to pay for supplies and materials at most places.

This helps you stretch your roofing budget further, getting you the premium products you need at prices that work for you.

And, we mean it when we say these are truly do-it-yourself kits - you’ll have no trouble at all, as they include everything you need to get the job done right, complimented with easy step-by-step instructions.

A Kit For Every Home Imaginable

By shopping around our collection of DIY ember guard kits, you’ll be shocked to see just how many options we have.

Like we said earlier, we have a kit for every type of roof out there, with varying sizes, shapes, and colors.

We make it simple to customize your kit to match your home perfectly. You get to choose from 20+ trim & mesh colors to find that perfect match.

But it's not just embers we help you protect your home from - we have a variety of other DIY products, such as bird mesh for solar panels, gutter guards for tiled roofs, and much, much more.

We feel confident you’re going to love our kits, and you don’t have to take our word for it - past customers have loved our simple gutter kits so much, we’ve earned a five-star rating on Google!

Invest in the safety and security of not just your home - but your family - and buy the ember guard kit you need today at Aussie DIY Solutions!

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