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A complete solution for solar panel pigeon protection, possum protection and keeping leaves out from under your solar panels which protects your investment. 

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30m Solar Panel Screening Kit for Bird Protection

Rated 5.00 out of 5

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Don’t risk damaging your hefty investment – protect it with bird mesh for solar panels! You spent a lot of money switching to solar, but our flying friends don’t care – they’ll happily make that nice, shady spot their next home.

Fortunately, we at Aussie DIY Solutions have made it easier and more budget-friendly than you could imagine to protect your investment with our simple solar panel pigeon-proofing bird mesh kits. 

With an incredible 20-year warranty, you can rest assured you won’t have to deal with birds and other vermin damaging your solar equipment any longer.

Whether you need solar pigeon proofing or protection from sparrows, magpies or miners – they will have to find an opening in the nearest tree because your solar panels are protected!

Can Birds Damage Solar Panels?

After installing your solar panels, you’ll likely find that birds start nesting under them. Whether it’s protection from the rain or their natural predators, this space between your roof and equipment offers the perfect shelter for them.

After some time, their nesting, feces, and activity can decrease the efficacy of your solar panels – or worse, damage them to the point you need to shell out for repairs, or even a full-blown replacement.

How Do I Stop Birds From Nesting Under My Solar Panels?

The best way to stop birds from nesting under your solar panels is with mesh kits designed to keep them out. Specially designed bird mesh for solar panels is a simple, effective, and budget-friendly solution to these pesky buggers messing with your solar investment.

Not only can these birds damage your solar panels, but having to get up there and constantly clean them is not just annoying – it’s dangerous.

With thousands of cases of hospitalization each year in Australia due to climbing ladders to get on the roof, why risk it?

Use Solar Panel Bird Mesh To Protect Your Investment!

Solar panels pigeon mesh is exactly what it sounds like – a screen or net you can install between your panels and your roof.

This netting prevents birds from making their way under your panels and, thus, from creating a home here. In turn, you won’t deal with the hassle of constantly cleaning out bird poop & debris under there.

You’ll also be able to relax, knowing your investment is protected from one of its greatest enemies.

But the tricky part is that you don’t want to use any mesh – you need the best mesh, which we offer here at Aussie DIY Solutions!

Why Aussie DIY Solutions Is The Best Place To Buy Bird Mesh For Solar Panels

We’ve come to be known as the leading supplier of all things roofing mesh – including our ember mesh, which serves as the #1 way to protect your home from bushfires.

But we also have earned plenty of five-star reviews for our bird mesh for solar panels. Our complete kits make it easier than ever to protect your investment, and they are the industry’s best. Here’s why.

Specifically, Engineered Mesh To Keep Birds Out Of Your Solar Panels

The trick with bird mesh for solar panels is that it not only has to be effective at keeping vermin out – it also has to not interfere with the efficiency and efficacy of your solar equipment!

This is where many mesh products fall short.

They’re too heavy and oftentimes diminish the amount of air that can travel underneath, which can cause overheating during these hot Australian summers.

On the other hand, our solar panel bird mesh is specifically designed to coexist with your panels. It features a larger hole size that prevents even the smallest birds from getting through while maximising airflow underneath to ensure high efficiency and long life.

Compatible With Poly Solar Clips For Easy Installation

With so many different types of solar equipment on the market, you must ensure your netting works with your panels and fits them, attaching them easily.

That’s why we include everything you need to get your solar panel bird-proofing mesh clipped on, from the mesh to the clips needed to secure them. Our kits are compatible with all poly solar clips!

Ultra Strong, High-Quality Kits

Normal gutter guard kits will not adequately protect your solar panels and may even damage your panels.

We use premium, stainless steel wire or aluminium mesh to prevent it from degrading over time or being broken down by persistent birds.

It also has a black PVC coating, which further extends its life. In terms of quality, it doesn’t get any better than this – these kits will easily outlast your solar panels!

A Solar Panel Bird Proofing Mesh Kit For Every Roof

No matter what type or size of roof & solar panels you have, we have a kit designed with you in mind. Whether you’re looking for a kit that’s even rated to meet Australian Fire Standards or just a simple mesh bird-proof kit, we have one for you.

And you can choose from a wide range of sizes & mesh types to get exactly what you need – right down to the mesh colour itself, ensuring it matches your roof.

Need custom sizing? We can handle that too! We’re a small, 100% Australian business and can work with you to get you what you’re after.

With our incredible 20-year warranty, you won’t have to worry about these lasting or not – they will, and we’re willing to make it right if they don’t!

Want to protect your home even more? We also offer a wide range of gutter guards for tile roofs and even ember guards to keep your family safe from the risks bushfires pose!