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How to Install Gutter Guard on Klip-Lok to Box Gutter Roof

From the coastal homes of Sydney to the suburban estates of Melbourne, ensuring your home remains protected against water damage is paramount. Gutter guard solutions provide that frontline defence, especially for bird proofing, gutter cleaning, blocked gutters and ember proofing against ember attack. However, roof gutters combined with the unique structure of Klip-Lok® roofs and box gutters require specialised gutter guard products and installation.

Quick Guide

In this guide, brought to you by Aussie DIY Solutions, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process for an easy-to-install gutter guard for Klip-Lok® box gutters installation:

  1. Order Your Gutter Guard Kit
  2. Gather the Required Tools
  3. Clean the Gutters
  4. Define the Perfect Trim Line
  5. Pin the Mesh to the Box Gutter
  6. Fit the Trims
  7. Cut the Mesh Down Along the Ribs
  8. Secure the Mesh to the Ribs with Clips

Continue to learn more about installing our gutter guard kits for the most effective DIY gutter protection for a Klip-Lok® to box gutters installation. 

1. Order Your Gutter Guard Kit

So why choose a gutter guard product from Aussie DIY Solutions? It’s simple. Our Universal Gutter Mesh and Klip-Lok® Box Gutter Gutter Guard Kit stand out. Here’s what you get with our gutter protection kits:

  • Supadek clips, tailored to Klip-Lok® profile 
  • Screws
  • Gutter Mesh: A choice of 500mm wide aluminium mesh or ember guard mesh

For bushfire-prone areas or homes surrounded by trees with fine debris, we recommend ember guard products, such as our Ember Guard Klip-Lok® Box Gutter Gutter Guard Kit.

Our kits are known for their durable, powder-coated mesh and are available in various stylish Colorbond® colours to match the roof colour and gutter colour. We conform with all Australian standards to suit all Australian conditions. This gutter protection kit is also compatible with the following roof types to box gutters:

  • Lysaght® Klip-Lok® ® Hi Strength
  • Lysaght® Klip-Lok® ® 406
  • Lysaght® Klip-Lok® ® Classic
  • Fielders KingKlip®
  • Metroll Metlok®
  • Revolution Revklip
  • Stramit Speed Deck Ultra®

Aussie DIY Solutions provides gutter guards for specific roof profiles, including corrugated roofs, tiled roofs, Trimdek® roofs, box gutters and roof valleys. For Trimdek® or Spandek® roofs, see our Trimdek® gutter guard kits with custom clips. 

2. Gather the Required Tools

Before you commence the gutter protection installation, ensure you have all the essential tools.

  • Tin snips
  • Screwdriver
  • Silicone

Moreover, remember the necessary safety equipment before installing gutter guards. Wearing gloves, harnesses, ladders and ensuring you’re suitably attired can save you from potential injuries.

3. Cleaning Gutters

clean gutters and flush it out with hose

A successful installation starts with gutter cleaning. Clean box gutters aren’t just about aesthetics; they guarantee a smoother and more efficient installation process. When cleaning, remove any debris within the box gutters and flush the entire system before installing mesh covering. When working at heights, ladder safety and harness safety are paramount. Ensure your ladder is stable and always maintain three points of contact.

If you cannot safely clean the box gutters, we advise hiring professional installers to complete the entire process.

4. Define the Perfect Trim Line

Trim lines are vital to your gutter guard installation as they create the mesh slope to ensure perfect installation. They offer a guide for the mesh placement and ensure the setup doesn’t just serve its function but also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Use the straight edge of the trim to mark against the box gutters or parapet wall and the roof slope marking at regular intervals. 

Add about 50 mm to that measurement and mark at regular intervals to give you your trim line. 

Pro Tip:  Once you establish your trim line, creating a string line along the gutter or drawing a line using the trim inside the gutter or parapet wall can be easier.

Pin the gutter mesh

5. Pin the Gutter Guards to the Box Gutter (Optional)

Pinning is a structural anchor, ensuring the mesh remains firmly affixed to the gutter before you permanently fix it with the trims. However, we advise you to only pin the mesh if you have silicone to fill any holes in the roof or box gutter to prevent leaks. Any hole in the roof or gutter should be filled with silicone to prevent leaks.

Start by aligning the gutter mesh with your trim line marks. Begin pinning from one end, securing the mesh with roofing screws at both ends. Support your mesh with a pinning screw every 4 metres on longer runs. 

Pro Tip: Try to bend your gutter mesh up the box gutters or parapet wall to reinforce the ideal shape for the gutter guard. 

Secure the mesh with trims

6. Fit the Trims

Firstly remove your pinning screw from one side of the gutter guard.

IMPORTANT: Fill the hole with silicone before securing the top trims. 

Once the pinning screw is removed, align the trims along the predetermined line with the mesh tucked underneath. Try to fix it with a screw in the original pinning hole. Continue to screw at regular intervals, ensuring they snugly fit against the roof and mesh.

To start a new trim, overlap the last by up to 5 centimetres and use the pilot hole to screw through both trims and gutter mesh. 

Cut the mesh along the ribs

7. Cut the Gutter Mesh Along the Ribs

Make two straight, even cuts in the mesh down each Klip-Lok® rib to the roof end of the roof with tin snips. Repeat along the entire run. Safety should be your top priority here; wear protective gloves and use sharp tools to achieve clean edges.

Secure the mesh with the clip

8. Secure the Mesh to the Ribs with Clips

Line up the screw with the rounded edge at the front and square edge to the back and snap it into place. Finally, screw it off and repeat along all the ribs along the box gutters.

How to install gutter guard on a klip-lok box gutter roof

With these detailed steps from Aussie DIY Solutions, your gutter guards will be effective, ensuring your home remains safeguarded and looks professional. Always remember to refer to the specific instructions provided with your kit to ensure the best results.

Attaining a professional-level gutter guard installation on your Klip-Lok® roof with a box gutter is closer than you think. Crafted to perfection, this guide intends to provide Australian DIYers with a meticulous, step-by-step approach to ensuring their homes are shielded for the foreseeable future.

Our DIY Gutter Guard Kits: A Closer Look

At Aussie DIY Solutions, we offer a wide range of gutter guards to suit every possible DIY budget. We provide gutter guard kits & ember guard kits for corrugated, tiled, trimdek® and Klip-Lok® roofs and kits for box gutters and roof valleys. We also provide solar panel mesh for solar panel protection from birds. 

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