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The pros and cons of buying your gutter guard in a kit

Are you facing a weekend of climbing a ladder, donning your gloves and cleaning out your blocked gutter? It is a task that no homeowner enjoys doing, but it is a necessary task if you do not want to face significant damage to your home.


Blocked gutters can cause major problems to your home as rain water backs up and pools on your roof, which in turn leads to it leaking through into your property and causing wooden foundations to rot and degrade.


Installing gutter guards to your home is a great layer of defence for your property. They effectively provide a barrier over your gutter, preventing debris such as leaves and sticks from entering the system and blocking it up.


Affixing gutter guards to your property does not just provide protection against blocked gutters though. One of the most common ways for pests and vermin to enter your property and set up nest is through your guttering. When these creatures set up home in your house, it can not only be incredibly annoying as the nocturnal creatures rustle around inside your walls, but they can also be very damaging to both your walls and your health.


Of course, installing gutter guards is not a cheap project and can require you to outlay a large sum of money. However, they are an essential item for any home and can be installed either by yourself or through professional suppliers and installers.


How do DIY gutter guards work?

Almost all gutter guards are able to be installed at home by a DIY enthusiast and the market is stacked with options designed to suit every budget. These guards differ greatly in terms of the materials used and the style of protection that they offer.


Most common guards simply slot into your open gutter, and some of the most popular in the country include solutions such as brush guards or foam inserts. However, there are many different options, from vinyl guards and mesh inserts to specific ember guards to help protect your home against catching alight during a bush fire. 


If you have never installed a guard to your property before, then you might be wondering where to start or which solution is right for you. Speaking with an expert will help you to determine the style that will be able to offer your property maximum protection. As gutter guards come in all shapes and sizes, customers are able to purchase individual items or an entire kit, so which is the right option for you?


Benefits of buying a gutter guard kit

When you purchase a gutter guard kit, it will contain everything you need to be able to quickly and efficiently install your new guards to your property. This can be highly beneficial and three of the most significant benefits include:

  • More cost effective

Buying an entire gutter guard kit for your property will provide you with a more affordable option than needing to purchase each item individually. This will help you to better budget the upgrade to your property and ensure you can find the perfect solution for your property and budget.


  • Peace of mind

Another very popular benefit of buying a gutter guard kit is that it will give you complete peace of mind. Installing guards to your home can be a confusing process and leave you unsure of what items and fixings you might need. That is why when you purchase a kit, you will be able to enjoy complete peace of mind that you will have everything required to install the guards to your property.


  • Faster to order

Ordering a kit is also a much faster way of installing gutter guards too. Not only do you have everything required in one handy kit, but ordering each part individually can be an incredibly time-consuming process and often requires buying items from multiple companies which only slows the delivery process down further.


Negatives of purchasing gutter guard kits

Of course, whilst gutter guard kits are able to provide you with a number of benefits, they also have a few negative aspect that consumers should be aware of.

  • Leftover parts

As gutter guard kits often come in fixed lengths, which means you may need to purchase more than you require, resulting in you having leftover materials that you no longer require. However, these can be kept and used as replacement options should anything go wrong.


  • Duplicate parts

Another common negative of purchasing a gutter guard kit is that you may well be paying for items that you do not require. Many DIY enthusiasts will often have some of the required fixings and parts lying around so buying a kit might mean you end up with duplicate parts.


  • Not available for all roofing types

One of the most significant negative aspects of gutter guard kits is that they are not always available for certain properties or style of guard. This means that they are not suitable for all homes or customers.


Which option should you choose?


Our default suggestion is go for a kit that way you know you will get all the components you need and they are all made together. However if you are unsure please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you are looking to protect your property and ensure that you are able to reduce the risk of facing pest infestation or the damages caused by blocked gutters, then gutter guards are an essential addition.


There are many different styles and solutions out there for you to utilise, and if you have never installed gutter guards before then kits will have everything you need to ensure that your home is protected.

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