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DIY Colorbond Gutter Guard Detailed Review

Australian Colorbond® gutter guard products offer outstanding solutions to leaf proofing, bird proofing, bushfire protection and rainwater harvesting protection. There is a range of gutter guards on the Australian market, but Colorbond® gutter guards offer unique benefits over other products, including better aesthetics.  

Now, if you’re thinking, “I don’t need a gutter guard to look good; I just need a gutter guard solution,” then know that Colorbond® colour-matched Gutter Guards are more than just a visually appealing gutter protection option.

So, if you need to install a gutter guard, read our article to find out why a DIY Colorbond® gutter guard would be perfect for your home.

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What are gutter guards?

different gutter guard types

Gutter guards are gutter protection systems designed to filter rainwater in your gutters from leaves, organic debris, and pests. Gutter guards prevent the build-up of organic debris in the guttering system, which causes blockages in the gutter or downpipes, thereby damaging your gutters or roof. 

Other purposes for gutter guards include bushfire protection from Ember attack, rainwater harvesting optimisation, pest and bird proofing your gutters and roof and reducing household maintenance.

In Australia, there are several types of gutter guards systems, including:

  1. Brush gutter guard
  2. Foam inserts
  3. Vinyl gutter guards
  4. Mesh panels
  5. Integrated mesh or leaf gutter guard


leaf guard gutter protection system

Each has various benefits and considerations, but the most popular gutter protection systems are the integrated mesh gutter guards and the mesh panels. Of the two, the integrated mesh gutter guards are available in an array of Colorbond® colours.

Integrated mesh systems are designed to sit over the top of the gutters and are permanently affixed to the roof or gutter. The slope and material encourage leaves and debris to fall to the ground while water permeates the mesh holes. They can be installed on any tile or metal roof type:

  • Corrugated roof
  • Trimdek® roof
  • Klip-Lok® roof
  • Tiled roof

Colorbond® Gutter Guards Benefits

There are several benefits to using Colorbond® gutter guards as your preferred gutter guard solution. Below we give you the top six:

Better Aesthetics on Australian Roofs

tiled roof gutter guard

A major benefit of Colorbond® gutter guards is the streamlined aesthetics. Unlike other gutter guards and gutter screens visible to people from the ground, Colorbond® gutter guards are colour-matched to your Colorbond® roof. This means there is no contrasting difference between the gutters and roof to people on the street.

Colorbond® mesh gutter guards come in various colours that colour matches the metal gutter lip and the roofing colour. So, suppose your gutter colour is different from your roof’s colour; the gutter guard will match both.

Colorbond® gutter guard kits are fantastic solutions for sloped roofs, as the guttering system is more visible from below. However, flat and high roofs also benefit from Colorbond® gutters, especially if your roof is visible from heights, such as commercial buildings, or your property is sloped.   

The Colorbond® gutter will improve your home’s aesthetics by preventing the build-up of leaves, seed and grass growth and bird nesting materials in your gutters and downpipes. The integrated mesh system also reduces the need for more frequent gutter cleaning, keeping you safe on the ground.

Powder-coated strength and unfading

gutter guard on tiled roof

A powder coating reinforces Colorbond® coloured gutter guards. The Colorbond® powder-coating prevents colour fading and strengthens the structural integrity of the mesh and gutter guard products, making them less susceptible to corrosion on your roofs.

Colorbond® Gutter Guards are the most durable gutter guards because they are made from robust metal materials – aluminium or stainless steel. They are then powder coated for additional durability.

The powder coating permits the gutter guard to withstand the harsh Australian elements for longer than uncoated metal gutter guards. The powder coating also adds another layer to the gutter guard, which prevents them from bending like thinner guards.

Unlike a brush, vinyl and foam insert guards, the Colorbond® Gutter Guards in integrated mesh systems last longer as a more durable solution.  

Tested for Australian Conditions

tile roof gutter guard

Australia has some of the most volatile and varied climates on the planet, and as such, our homes and buildings withstand a lot of rough and challenging conditions.  

As a gutter guard system is an extension of your home, it too must be able to withstand the elements. Extreme wind, hail, snow and rainfall exposure damage roofing and guttering, so a gutter guard must be able to take the brunt of these conditions. For tropical areas of Australia, a gutter guard must also be able to withstand tropical storms. For coastal dwellers, the gutter guard must combat high levels of atmospheric corrosion caused by salt.

Colorbond® steel manufacturers and suppliers, such as Tapex and Bluescope Steel, have tested Colorbond® steel against various Australian conditions for over 50 years. Colorbond® aluminium and steel gutter guards are proven reliable products for various Australian outdoor conditions.  

Trusted Brand in Gutter Protection

Australia recognises Colorbond® Steel as a trusted Australian brand for Australian properties and is used by roofing professionals and gutter guard installers across industries.

So if you want to install gutter guards in your home, choose a DIY gutter guard that the professionals use.  

Colorbond® Gutter Guard Warranty

Unlike other cheaper and flimsier DIY gutter guards, quality Colorbond® gutter guards kits come with their material warranties.

Aussie DIY Solutions Colorbond® powder-coated integrated mesh systems have been installed on Australian roofs for decades. The product warranties vary up to 25 years based on the material.

Visit our online store to view the warranty for each Colorbond® gutter guard kit or product.

Bushfire-Rated Gutter Guards

tile gutter guard system

Colorbond® aluminium and steel Ember Guard products are for use in Australian bushfire-prone areas and postcodes.

Colorbond® Ember Guard protects against Ember attack as the mesh’s aperture (hole) sizes are less than 2mm preventing burning embers from settling in the gutters and igniting them. Gutter guard maximises bushfire protection because there is no build-up of flammable material like dry gum leaf. Ember guard products have a CSIRO fire rating of “0”, signalling low flammability and, therefore, certified BAL-rated.

Colorbond® Ember guard is also a great leaf guard against finer debris such as pine needles and wattle flowers.

Colorbond® Gutter Guard Colour Range

  • Basalt®
  • Classic Cream
  • Cottage Green®
  • Dark brown
  • Deep Ocean®
  • Dune®
  • Evening Haze®
  • Gully®
  • Ironstone®
  • Jasper®
  • Manor Red®
  • Monument®
  • Night Sky®
  • Pale Eucalypt®
  • Paperbark®
  • Shale Grey
  • Surfmist®
  • Wallaby®
  • Windspray®
  • Woodlands Grey®
  • Zinc
corrugated saddles/clips gutter gutter guard
colorbond gutter guard trims

There are other Colorbond® colours available, and there is a gutter guard in terracotta and dark brown for terracotta tiled roofs.

Aussie DIY Solutions Aluminium Colorbond Gutter Guards

corrugated gutter guard gutter mesh

Our aluminium mesh Colorbond® gutter guard:

  • Available in an array of colorbond colours
  • Interpon D1010 powder coating (industry-leading coating)
  • CSIRO Fire-rated and BAL-Rated
  • Suitable for all roof types
  • Products available in Universal Mesh

Plastic Mesh Gutter Guards

Plastic gutter guards are readily available on the DIY market from online stores or DIY retailers like Bunnings. There are also plastic mesh gutter guard kits available in Colorbond® colours. However, as the mesh is a poly material rather than metal, there is no coating; instead, the plastic gutter mesh is manufactured in the Colorbond® colours.

Plastic or poly gutter mesh is less popular than metal gutter guards as they are generally less durable. However, they are the best product for homes in high salt concentrated areas, such as coastal towns. These guards will fail over time when exposed to UV rays from the sun. Not only that, but it is also not very durable and is prone to shattering and breaking in high winds.

gutter mesh

Plastic mesh Colorbond® gutter guards:

  • Non-reactive substance
  • Great for coastal areas
  • Suitable for all roof types
  • Plastic Mesh available in our Universal & High-Performance range
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