Our gutter guard comes with a 20-year product warranty directly from us.
The installation process is quite simple. It might take a little bit to get the hang of it, but if you follow our simple installation guide you shouldn’t have an issue. The most important thing is making sure you’re staying safe, trying your best not to work from the roof, making sure your ladder is secure at all times, and using a safety harness.
The simple answer is, yes. It works for all roof types. With a tiled roof (cement, terracotta, etc.,) it’s sometimes necessary to measure from the gutter’s edge to the start of the second tile. If that measurement is around 450mm then our typical tile kit (500mm wide) will work for you. It’s best to have about 50mm spare to tuck under the second tile. Is your gutter to second time measurement more than 470mm? Got a box gutter? Or a unique metal roof? That’s still fine. We can make a custom kit for any roof. Just get in touch and we’ll get a custom kit together for you.
Our kits come with all the pieces/products you need to install, aluminium mesh, colorbond coated hex-head screws, saddles/clips (for trimdek and corrugated iron roofs) and trims. If you’re installing on a tiled roof you’ll sometimes need some silicon on the corners around your capping to make sure the mesh is secure depending on the cut you’ve made.
IT’S FREE on all orders over $150 we charge a $20 flat fee for any orders under $150
Shipping times vary depending on your location. Your kit will be dispatched from our warehouse in Victoria. Depending our stock levels we usually dispatch your order same-day or next day. We’ll let you know at the time of your purchase how long freight will take to get to you.
Installation is very straight forward but if you are not physically able or simply do not want to carry out the installation, we have a network of installers all around Australia who use our products and we can put you in contact with.

Gutter Guards can be an excellent investment as they can save you from the expense of having to clean your gutters and potentially save you thousands in damage to your property.

A complete gutter guard system will stop birds as it provides a physical barrier that prevents birds from accessing your roof and gutters where they like to nest.

Yes, you can install a gutter guard yourself with a few simple tools. However, if you do. Not want to install it yourself. We have a network of installation partners throughout Australia

Bird proofing costs vary, but a good initial guide would be $10 per meter for the materials, and labour would probably be about $20 per meter.

Bird Proofing is creating a physical barrier, typically with a mesh of either metal or plastic that stops birds from nesting in your roof and gutters.