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Aussie DIY Solutions provides easy-to-install DIY Gutter Guard kits for any gutter guard solution, Australia-wide: blocked gutters, reduce gutter cleaning, bird proofing, bushfire protection and pine needles. 

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Gutter Guard Kits

Complete DIY gutter guard kits for a complete gutter protection system with gutter mesh, trim, saddles, fasteners and screws.

Solar Mesh Kits

Complete DIY solar mesh kits for complete solar panel protection system with solar mesh and fasteners in your choice of materials.

Gutter Mesh

Choose from our aluminium gutter mesh, ember guard or poly gutter mesh, available in various lengths, widths and Colorbond® colours.


Choose from Australia's highest-quality DIY saddles, trims, fasteners and screws in a wide range of Colorbond® colours.

Gutter guard systems

for every need

We have a product for every gutter guard solution. If you are unsure whether we can provide the right solution, contact our support team:

tile gutter guard system

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Easy to install gutter protection systems

Corrugated roof kits

Our corrugated gutter guard kits come with gutter mesh, corrugated saddles, trims and roofing screws in various colorbond® colours. Suitable for valley gutter protection system.

Tiled Roof Kits

Our tiled roof gutter guard kits come with gutter mesh, trims and roofing screws in various colorbond® and terracotta colours. Suitable for tiled valley gutter protection system.

Klip-Lok roof kits

Our Klip-Lok® roof gutter guard kits come with gutter mesh, Supadek® saddles, trims and roofing screws in various colorbond® colours. Suitable for valley gutter protection system.

Trimdek® Kits

Our Trimdek® roof gutter guard kits come with gutter mesh, Supadek saddles, trims and roofing screws in various colorbond® colours. Suitable for valley gutter protection system.


Easy to install gutter protection systems

Step 1

Select roof type

Step 2

Measure roof and gutter

Step 3

Colour-match roof-gutter-gutter guard

Step 4

Place your order online

Step 5

Install gutter guard via easy to follow instructions

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Our Customers Love Our Products

This is the first time I have installed this type of gutter guard and I must say I am very impressed. The quality of the product is top notch and very easy to install. Very easy ordering process and I received my 3 kits to Brisbane in 3 days. I would definitely purchase again.
Michael Lloyd
Michael Lloyd
04:04 21 Nov 22
I have recently purchased my second order from Aussie DIY Solutions. The experience was first class. I had made an error in my first order early this year and the consultant was extremely helpful in helping me sort this. A minimum of fuss and a cash adjustment and all was good. The second order arrived very quickly. Great service.
Rod & Rayleen Ballard
Rod & Rayleen Ballard
07:04 28 Oct 22
Second time purchasing with these guys…. and again brilliant help over phone and super smooth service with lightning speed delivery. Top notch mob.
Mick Plong
Mick Plong
00:23 26 Oct 22
Product was delivered pretty quickly and everything was well packed, the mesh is good quality and pretty easy to work with just gets a bit fiddly lifting the tiles and tucking the mesh under, i was doing the job myself but with 2 people it would be easier After i did the whole back gutter i got the hang of it. The strips that hold the mesh firm onto the gutter are a great colour match like the mesh and easy to work with, i fixed to the gutter first then tucked mesh under the second row of tiles then did silicone around the ridge capping last. All up im very happy with the quality of the total package, the mesh, strips, and screws, also the wider 1 metre valley mesh is a must to get the span you need to cover the vally properly and lastly its not that hard for the people out there that like to do things themselves. I recommend this product and glad i went with Aussie DIY
Tony M
Tony M
13:15 03 Aug 22
Great customer service and very speedy delivery
Thomas Abood
Thomas Abood
07:45 09 Jul 22
I have just used this firm for the first time and the experience has been nothing but positive, The price and quality of the product were great and Jeremy was very helpful both in helping me formulate the order and also in some installation advice when I encountered difficulties due to the location of a solar array on my tile roof. The order was also despatched quickly and arrived faster than the freight company’s predicted ETA. I look forward to using Aussie DIY again for a couple of other projects later this year.
Bill Kinnane
Bill Kinnane
08:40 21 Jun 22
Good customer service, good product. Overall very happy with the experience.
kirstie b
kirstie b
06:12 13 Jun 22
Very impressed with service and product. Easy to install, fitting parapet would have been much easier with a helper.
Linda Field
Linda Field
01:03 04 Jun 22
Great service
Ian Holowko
Ian Holowko
00:47 11 May 22
Pramod Rana
Pramod Rana
06:07 31 Mar 22
Great services. I contacted them by phone, and Jeremy was so helpful.Delivery was done in no time and perfectly package.In terms of product, I ordered gutter protection for all my house and sheds (130ml). Very easy to install, and looks awesome. I think the worse part is to clean the gutters before installing but very rewarding when thinking that will be no longer necessary to go into the gutters again!
Carolina Munoz
Carolina Munoz
02:07 25 Mar 22
I have a 4 bay shed and the gutters were getting continuously filled with leaves and sticks from the large gum tree in the neighbours yard. Cleaning the gutters was a lot of work as the downpipes would get clogged as well. I fitted this product back in 2020. Since then the gutters are staying clean. The rubbish now blows or flow over onto the ground. So it is much easier to just rake this up from time to time. Very happy with the the result and installation is straight forward.
Peter Wrensted
Peter Wrensted
02:14 29 Jan 22
Great products and super quick postageThank you and will definitely recommend
tass Pantermarakis
tass Pantermarakis
08:04 04 May 21
Great product and great communication.Thanks muchly
Fast delivery, the most competitive price from my research.
mark stoneham
mark stoneham
20:03 19 Apr 21
A great company to deal with. We researched all the products on the market and felt this was superior. The customer service has been great and website very informative. Highly recommended.
Fiona Grieve
Fiona Grieve
02:25 16 Mar 21
Great service and spoke to a real person. I think their how to videos can be better quality and their written instructions should match the video. All that said the gutter guard was easy to install and the quality appears to be good, time will tell.
Robert Bole
Robert Bole
02:47 25 Jan 21
Arrived very quickly, easy to install. highly recommended. Got rid of those dam pigeons!
Justin Lush
Justin Lush
03:06 21 Jan 21
We have a low angle slope on our roof and a high lip on our gutter so I wasn’t sure if the gutter guard would work as it might create a ‘valley’ where the roof meets the mesh. I rang and spoke to Justin (?) and he gave some great advice and suggested we get a custom width to help minimise the issue. There was no extra cost for this and the product arrived fast and was super easy to install. Really happy with the quality and so relieved I don’t have to get on the roof every few weeks to clean 32m of gutters!
Casey Hamilton
Casey Hamilton
23:03 08 Jan 21
Great product. Well designed. Fast delivery.
Ian McCutchan
Ian McCutchan
09:08 06 Jan 21
Adam Morse
Adam Morse
07:54 01 Jan 21
Excellent product,as described,Fast Delivery,Excellent Customer ServiceThanks again
Nigel Head
Nigel Head
00:24 30 Dec 20
Prompt despatch & quality materials, great DIY product.
Matt Naseef
Matt Naseef
09:47 08 Dec 20
I’ve used Aussie DIY Solutions for all my gutter guard systems around the house. The installations were straight forward and professional saving me thousands of dollars paying a tradie to do the same job. Aussie DIY are easy to deal with and provide a speedy free delivery every time.
gary Smith
gary Smith
19:38 07 Oct 20
Came Quickly great quality pretty easy to fit. They where great at answering all my questions.
Jack McGuinness
Jack McGuinness
08:50 28 Sep 20
Great product at a great price, website is informative and easy to use, speedy service, can’t fault!
Steven Coling
Steven Coling
04:14 05 May 20
Would just like to thank Jack and his team for making this a hassle free experience. From easy product selection, quality of product, prompt delivery and ease of assembly to a professional look that has saved time and money.
Bob Younger
Bob Younger
04:24 21 Apr 20
Ordered some trimdek roofing saddles, prompt, friendly and helpful response, easy ordering and fast delivery, thanks very much
Sue Nickless
Sue Nickless
02:07 09 Mar 20
I never write reviews. Since purchasing my products. Nothing but great communication to make sure I purchased what I needed. Products sent and received very quickly. More than happy with the products. It’s been a pleasure doing business!
brett webb
brett webb
07:40 06 Mar 20
Quality product as described and easy to install. Highly recommend. Jack was also very helpful when I asked for something
Amanda Valentan
Amanda Valentan
21:58 07 Feb 20
Very good product and not hard to install. I have save a lot by doing it myself. Jack is very quick to response to my query too.
Barry Kwan
Barry Kwan
04:35 03 Feb 20
I took some photos of my completed gutterguard, I am very happy with the result, the order was quick delivered and I installed the gutterguard with reasonable ease.I am about to order another kit for the other side of our house.
Ashley Skinner
Ashley Skinner
03:27 20 Jan 20
Hi Jack,I have just completed the installation of the gutter kits to my house. What a job!The guys that fit this stuff for a living here in Qld certainly earn their money. 😀Whilst simple enough to install, I found the valleys the most back breaking and hardest to do. Admittedly the 33 degree days didn’t help my cause. But now after four long days the 100m of gutter protection is up, I’m pleased to say it looks and works great.I have to mention that the delivery of the product was fantastic, given that it was received two days before Christmas when ordered the week prior.Kind regardsRoy
23:52 09 Jan 20
Great quality product. Delivered promptly. Found it easy to fix.
Dorothy McGuinness
Dorothy McGuinness
13:21 04 Dec 19
Great product. Very good quality and easy to use . Will be ordering more.
Linda McGuinness
Linda McGuinness
22:30 27 Nov 19
This is great company . I can’t praise them enough for their brilliant service. Would happilyUse them again if needed.
Mo Yamin
Mo Yamin
21:48 26 Nov 19

DIY Gutter Guards Australia 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of leaving gutters unprotected. They’re easily forgotten because they don’t intrude on the appearance of your home. But forgetting to add them in can have some major consequences.

Gutter guards have been an important part of roof protection for decades. They come in several different types of gutter mesh such as aluminium, stainless steel, and poly. All three types of gutter guards are high quality, but different guards may suit your house’s needs differently. To determine which type of protection is best with you make sure that you contact a consultant before purchasing.

These guards ensure that the rainwater in your gutter and downpipes will continue to flow freely. They take out the gross job of cleaning out gutter debris and prevent pests from entering your home. They save time on your overall house-maintenance schedule and leave money for you to invest in other areas of the home.

In areas where there are lots of trees gutter guards are essential for ensuring that the home is well kept. Professional cleaners can work to clean out your gutters once a year and protect your home from harm year-round. Failure to properly clean out your gutters, and protect them with a guard to stop the build up of leaves and pine needles, will cause water to overflow along the foundation of the building. In turn this water can soften the soil around the building leading to cracks in the foundation. In some cases this can lead to structural failure of the building.


Why do you need to protect your gutters?

Firstly, forgetting to protect your gutters leaves you open to pest infiltration. Gutters are perfect dark, damp places for pests like possums, snakes, birds, and vermin  to breed. They’ll often move from the gutters into your roof causing more problems as they go. A common complaint about pests that we hear from clients is that they have been unable to eradicate the problem. They’ve spent thousands on multiple pest control services only to have the same problem return months later. Instead, we recommend clients choose a  gutter guard with high durability to prevent the infestation happening in the first place. The savings upfront and long term are amazing!

Another common pest problem stems from clogged gutters. In addition to creating cool damp spaces for larger pests to breed, clogged gutters leave stagnant water perfect for breeding mosquitos. Gutter guards keep your gutters clear of any debris ensuring that all water is directed quickly away from the house and out of the gutters.

These essential house add-ons protect homes from unwanted pests. Using a high-quality steel gutter guard is a low-cost investment with long term rewards. Our steel products last for several years, with regular maintenance, and cut out the need for pest control services. They also reduce harm to the environment as smaller animals like possums and birds don’t get trapped in your roof after breeding.

 Typically, gutters are used to keep water from pooling near the foundation of your home. They are standard for most modern homes as professionals are aware of their essential functions within the house. Most professionals are aware that high quality steel is best suited to homes because they are easy to maintain and slow to degrade. You’ll note that clogged gutters and nests will cause leaks, damage to the roof, and structural damage to the foundation of your home. Small damage caused by a lack of, or poorly maintained, gutters can quickly add up to more significant and expensive damage. The longevity of your home is largely dependent on a well-maintained gutter.

One client shared a story with our team after we helped them to choose new gutters to install;

“I had to battle a possum in my home more than once, because it had to defend its territory – even though that territory was my home!”

Despite the benefits of gutters, you may be nervous to introduce them to your home. There are many horror stories on google of gutters become blocked, leaves and debris getting caught, and pests moving in. However, these are largely caused by poorly maintained gutters.

There are three common types of pests that you should be looking out for in your gutters;


Mosquitoes are a common pest in Australia. They often carry diseases and at best leave itchy bites on humans. They breed rapidly and can quickly become a significant issue. The most common reason for mosquitoes breeding is stagnant water. They’re particularly drawn to open-style gutters which are filled with water, wet leaves, and other debris. Horrifyingly, it only takes one tablespoon of standing water to breed hundreds on mosquitoes. To ensure that your gutters don’t become the reason for mosquito growth regularly check for blocks or restricted water flow. Don’t be fooled by these small little pests the larvae for mosquitoes are small and remain inside the water until they’re ready to hatch as adult mosquitoes. In general, if you’re seeing mosquitoes flying around it’s safe to assume there’s some larvae waiting somewhere.


When you think of termites, you typically imagine damaged wood and renovation work. However, you should also bring to mind rotting wood from rainwater overflow. A rainwater overflow is caused by clogged gutters that prevents water from flowing away from the house. Rotting wood gives termites an opportunity to chew their way into the house. This rotting wood can also have other ongoing problems that your familiar with. Such as damage to the foundation, structure, and overall appearance of the house. Once this damage has been caused other pests can follow the path that termites have left leaving more damage behind.



Despite their pretty songs in the morning, we’ve all felt fed up with bird noises at some stage. Especially after they make their way into your roof. Firstly, birds can build nests inside of gutters causing significant blockages. Secondly, birds in your gutters will leave droppings that carry diseases. For both structural and personal hygiene reasons it’s best to avoid this happening rom the very beginning.

Covering your gutter with an appropriate guard to prevent pests from entering the gutter. Also regularly check your gutter to ensure that the guards are working efficiently, and no debris is blocking the way.

  • Bird Mites

Bird mites are small parasites that live off birds. When their bird host dies the mites can find a temporary human host. While on humans they will bite, typically causing skin irritation. Some bites can lead to secondary infections. Again, for personal hygiene reasons it’s best to install gutters on your house.


  • Indian Myna Birds

This is a non-native invasive species that can be particularly difficult to get rid of. They will multiple nests at one time and spread out their eggs. If you have an Indian Myna bird infestation the pests will remain around until the carcasses have all been removed. Even if the nests aren’t active, they can restrict water flow within the gutter leading to other pest infestations or hygiene issues.



Possums are a protected species, however they can still cause significant damage to your home. Their protected status means that if they are attracted to your gutters due to debris you will have to fulfill many condition in order to remove them from your home.

The key issues that possums cause are physical damage. Possums are well known for chewing through items like insulation, natural materials, and wire. As such, any opportunity for these possums to gain access to weak points in your roof they’re likely to take advantage of. Combine possums with termites and you will have a serious issue on your hands.

Other than physical shredding of items, possums can interfere with the temperature regulation of your home by damage your insulation. This is expensive and costly to fix, and possums are likely to be aggressive to anyone entering an area that they’ve marked as their own.

Further, possum urination and defecation leaves behind odours and stains that ruin the appearance of the home. These unhygienic marks are made worse by the many diseases, pests, and parasites that possums can harbour.



Rats are similar to possums in that they chew through various materials. Rats are known for chewing through insulation and electrical wires – often leading to house fires. Rats are fast breeders, and are hardy creatures making them difficult to eradicate. Rats also carry diseases and parasites and can be particularly dangerous if they bite a human. Its best to call in professional services to remove these rodents quickly and then install gutters to prevent infestations in the future.



Commonly attracted to rats nests, snakes can seek out prey through unguarded gutters. They may also be attracted to the shelter and warmth of the roof during colder times. Snakes may be defensive, and bites can be poisonous to humans. Its best to professionally remove snakes from your roof as soon as they are discovered.


Summary of Risks

Overall, blocked gutters lead to a myriad of issues, including structural and personal damage. Blocked gutters create the perfect breeding ground for pests. These pests carry diseases that can impact your family’s health. In particular, Ross River Virus and Murray Valley Encephalitis are carried by mosquitoes which breed easily and are difficult to eradicate.

Another issue caused by blocked gutters is structural damage. Blok gutters allow damp and mould to grow near the house foundations. As such the house is left vulnerable to flooding and other types of damage. Insultation and electrical wiring are exposed to the elements and local rodents.

The cost to install a quality gutter guards may be a barrier for some homeowners. However, when the costs with not having gutter guards properly installed on your house is considered the savings are astronomical. There is a one-time purchase fee of $2000 and $250 every year for cleaning. Compared to $3500 to replace rusty gutters of $3600 to have the roof, insulation and gutters pest cleared and restored. In one year, you could be facing up to $10,000 in open gutter costs.

The smarter decision is to purchase the best diy gutter guard for your needs and avoid any nasty, ongoing services.


But how does gutter protection work?

 Gutter guards or gutter covers provide a physical barrier that stops pests climbing inside the gaps of the gutters. Australian animals are particularly intelligent and require top quality guards to stop them from entering the smallest of gaps. Further, the ski-slope design of gutter protection means that the water is pulled through the barrier’s mesh and the debris is left behind to fall off the roof. The design means that stagnant water is a problem of the past!

Clogging is also a non-issue as the debris that would have caused the barriers in the past has now fallen to the ground. Other gutter protection devices like brushes, coils, or gutter foams may lack this feature – leaving your gutters vulnerable to clogging and stagnant water.

Our product is a long term solution that creates a tight seal around the gutter and key roof areas. A roll of mesh is then added to fit the custom requirements of your home. This mesh is specifically designed to hold against the most destructive of pests.

The gutter protection measures creature a unique system that can fend against bushfires by preventing debris collection. Another option is to choose an Ember Guard that maximises your opportunity to defend your home against ember attacks after a bushfire. The initial investment for a gutter protection system like the one we provide is minimal compared to the peace of mind that you can achieve.

A second benefit from gutter guard protections is that you will need to spend less time and money on maintaining your gutters and roofing. Gutters without guards are a precarious investment at best, and a time bomb at worst. Their potential to house pests, debris, and facilitate rot means that they require the extra protection.

Further, you’ll need to spend less money maintaining the home because you’ll discover that a well maintained gutter protects, rather than damages, your home. You’ll no longer need to hire expensive pest services for your roof or replace shredded insulation. Even better, you won’t need to be up and down a ladder clearing out debris, nests, or checking the health of your gutter. You can rest easy in the comfort of your own home in the knowledge that your gutter guard protection is actively working to keep you safe. Aussie DIY Solutions Mesh also only requires an annual inspection. A professional can handle this for the low price of $250, and that will give you the confidence to trust in your guards all year.

Aussie Gutter Protection provides a zinc coated steel with corrosion resistant layer to ensure the longevity of their product. Unlike other items that have an inbuilt ‘obsolescence’ point our product aims to last. Further, our entire range is bushfire compliant, meeting the Australian Standard for the Construction of Buildings in bushfire-prone areas (AS3959-2009). You can confidently work with our professionals with the knowledge that they’re trained and able to provide you sound advice about which gutter bests suits your area.

Our Ember Guard protection also meets the updated Australian Standard for the Ember Guard Protection of Sheet Roots (AS3959-2009/Amdt 2011) and is CSIRO rated. All our range is available in a series of styles and colours ready to match any style and roof type.

Uniquely, our product comes with a  warranty and a team of experts to help you to make the best decision for your home. 

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