Tile Roof Gutter Guard - Universal Mesh Kits For Tile Roofs

Universal Mesh Kits For Tile Roofs

Tile Roof Gutter Guard - Ember Mesh Kits For Tile Roofs

Ember Mesh Kits For Tile Roofs

Protect your home from debris and harsh weather with our extensive collection of gutter guards for tiled roof kits!

Whether you’re just looking for a simple, universal mesh or a special ember mesh kit - we have them both, and they’ve all been specifically designed to compliment your tile roof.

These kits are compatible with concrete, terracotta, or any other type of tile roof you can imagine.

Don’t risk leaves or debris filling up your gutter leading to roof damage, or tainted drinking water if you collect runoff from your gutters - our sleek, easy-to-install gutter guards for tiled roofs are perfect for you!

What’s The Difference Between Gutter Guards For Tiled Roofs & Other Roofs?

If you’re just starting out shopping for gutter guards for your tiled roof, you might be wondering why it's important that you get one specifically to work with tiled roofs.

Can’t you just use any gutter guard mesh out there?

When you look for the little differences in your tiled roof compared to the shape and material of a corrugated, Trimdek, or Klip-Lok roof - it's easier to understand.

These tiled roof gutter guards are engineered very specifically to match these tiles - so make sure you get the right kit!

What’s Included In Our Gutter Guards For Tiled Roofs?

We can’t speak to what’s included in other gutter guards for tiled roofs, but ours come equipped with each and every piece to the puzzle.

This is what has earned us the reputation for being the top shop for DIY gutter guards - our kits are all-inclusive and super simple. Here’s what you’ll find in a standard kit:

- The mesh itself - either universal or ember mesh

- The trim to attach your mesh to your gutter

- The screws to attach your mesh to your tiled roof

Why Aussie DIY Offers The Best Tiled Roof Gutter Guards Online

As you can see, our kits are the best value pick out there, all you need is a few household tools to bring this system to life.

But, this isn’t the only reason we’ve come to be known as the go-to shop for Australian gutter guards - here are a few more.

Choose Between Universal Mesh & Ember Mesh

You can select your tiled roof gutter guard kit in two types of mesh, as we stated earlier - universal or ember.

Universal is what we recommend to most people, as it's more than enough for more buildings. But if you live in an area known for routinely dealing with bushfires, then our ember guards are better suited to you.

You’ll be able to protect your home not just from debris and bad weather, but from the risk of a stray ember from a bushfire making its way into the crevices in your roof and igniting an inferno.

An Extensive Range Of Sizes, Fits, & Colours

We know how unique your roof is, which is why we have an extensive range of sizes - both in terms of length and width.

From as short as 10M kits all the way up to huge 50M kits, we have lengths to fit your home. But, you can also choose how wide you need your mesh to be, ensuring it adequately covers your tiles. You can choose from 500mm or 1,000mm widths.

Then, select your colours - both for the trim and the mesh itself. This means you can find as close a match as possible to your tiled roof, so you don’t have to compromise on the design or aesthetic of your home! With over 20 unique colours available, we’re sure to have something for you.

Save Thousands Of Dollars By Installing These Kits Yourself

We’re not called Aussie DIY for nothing - all our kits are truly do-it-yourself projects, and easy ones at that!

Instead of spending thousands of dollars hiring a professional roofing expert to install these guards, spend the afternoon doing it yourself and put that money towards something you’ve always wanted - or pay off some debt!

Either way, you can relax once the job is done knowing that you saved a ton of money, got the pleasure of doing something on your own, and it wasn’t even that difficult.

Quality Kits Built To Last A Lifetime

Our gutter guard kits for your tiled roof aren’t just simple to install, budget-friendly, and customizable - they’re also as good as it gets in terms of quality.

Both our Universal & Ember meshes are strong enough to stand the test of time, built of either high-strength coated aluminum that meets Australian Fire Standards. We’re so confident these kits will last for decades, that we offer a 20-year warranty on them!

If you have a tiled roof, our gutter guards are a no-brainer investment for a number of reasons. Never worry about cleaning the gutters again, because these will keep out any debris, birds, vermin - or worse, embers - that can compromise the quality and safety of your home.

Looking for other screens to protect your home? If you went solar or are planning on it soon, you’ll have a pretty penny tied up in those panels. So, consider protecting them with our solar panel bird mesh.

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