Gutter Guard Installation guide

Have a quick look at our Installation guide video to see what’s involved.


Working at heights on slippery uneven surfaces can be very HAZARDOUS. Every effort should be made at all times to reduce the risk of injury and property damage (Contact your local Work Cover Authority or local council for site specific safety regulations) WHEN ENGAGED IN WORK AT HEIGHTS

Whats included in the kit:

Tools needed

step 1

Gutter cleaning

step 2

Installing the mesh (trim to gutter)

Roll out the mesh starting at one end of the gutter, leave a little overlap where you start and cut off at end allowing a small overlap again.

step 3

Fix the mesh to the gutter by using the pre drilled pilot hole in each trim piece

step 4

Make two 40 mm cuts in the mesh under each saddle on every second corrugation before screwing down. This will help the mesh contour with the profile of the roof

Then place the saddle on the edge of the mesh so that the top of the saddle sits just above the top of the mesh.

step 5

Screw the saddle down into the roof using screws provided. Be sure to put pressure on the saddle and drill to avoid saddle slipping around

step 6

If you can install under the ridge cap it would be ideal, however if you cannot

step 7



In most cases debris will clear off the roof with the wind. In areas of high levels of debris you may need to gently sweep or blow it off the roof. If your gutters have the correct fall, dirt and small particles will flush out with the rain, if this is not the case you may need to flush the gutters. Please note that the mesh on your roof can be very slippery, do not walk on the mesh to reduce chance of damage and a fall.