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Brush Gutter Guard: Pros and Cons in Australia

Blocked gutters result in water overflowing and causing damage to your property. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay much attention to their gutters, failing to inspect and clean them regularly, and don’t realise they have a problem until it’s too late.

Gutter guards are designed to avoid these situations. They stop leaves, twigs, and other debris blocking your gutters and preventing water flow into the downpipes. Gutter guard reduces the need to clean your gutters as frequently, although some basic maintenance is still necessary but tends to be much less messy and arduous.

Brush gutter guard, also known as gutter brush, gutter brush guard, hedgehog or bottlebrush gutter guard, is popular amongst DIYers for roof gutter protection.

Are Brush Gutter Guards Best?

brush gutter guard

There are various types of gutter guards available and all have their advantages and drawbacks. Brush gutter guards are one of the most popular types, although they’re not the most suitable for every situation.

A brush gutter guard looks like a larger version of a bottle brush and has heavy-duty bristles that protrude from a galvanized steel wire core. These bristles capture leaf matter and other obstructions that allows free water flow in the rain gutters. This gutter guard is laid inside the gutter channel, stopping the largest debris from entering.

Brush Gutter Guard Pros & Cons

Gutter Brush Pros Gutter Brush Cons
Easy install
Does not provide continuous gutter protection
Easy to remove
Does not prevent build up of smaller debris
Air circulation
Pest infestations
Inexpensive option
Fire hazard
Easily removed by birds
Ineffective in heavy rain

Table: Advantages and Disadvantages of brush gutter guards

Brush Gutter Guard Advantages

brush gutter guards

There are several advantages, such as:

  • It’s easy to install and you can do it yourself, although you may prefer professional help if you’re not happy working at heights.

  • The guards can be removed for cleaning and you can simply life the gutter brush out of the roof gutter.

  • The bristles allow air to circulate and keep the gutters dry, helping to prevent rust in metal gutters.

  • Suitable for most roofing system types

  • It’s one of the least expensive types of gutter guard.

Brush Gutter Guard Disadvantages

brush gutter guard

These guards are not perfect, however, and do have some disadvantages over other types:

  • Does not provide continuous gutter protection from all leaf matter. Leaves and other small debris items, like pine trees, gets caught in the bristles, necessitating periodic cleaning to remove them and prevent blockages.

  • The leaf matter building in the bristles makes a perfect home for birds and other pests.

  • Acts as a fire hazzard. Brush gutter guard is not suitable as an ember guard and does not meet product specifications for bushfire attack levels.

  • Easily removed by large birds, possums or other pests.

  • Ineffective in heavy rain as the gutter brush lifts out of the guttering and flows away.

Other Gutter Guard Products

If you’re unsure if brush gutters guards are ideal, there are alternative types to consider. These have different characteristics as well as their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Foam gutter guards are lengths of foam that fit inside the gutter and let water pass through while obstructing other debris that separates the leaf matter building in the open gaps. They’re relatively cheap and easy to install but can get clogged with dust and fine particles that are difficult to remove.

  • Micro mesh gutter guard fits on top of the gutters and prevents build-up leaves and other debris from penetrating, which the wind will generally blow off, although they may need to be swept off occasionally. They’re particularly effective against pine needles that can penetrate or get stuck in other types. Micro mesh gutter guards form a gutter protection system that provides extensive gutter protection and includes ember guard products that meet the Australian standard for ember guards.

  • Screen gutter guards are made from coarse material and fit on the gutter, preventing large items from getting in. However, they don’t obstruct smaller debris, and although they’re relatively cheap and easy to install, they can be damaged by wind and aren’t long-lasting.

  • Reverse curve surface tension gutter guards allow water to flow over the top and into the gutter through a slot but prevent debris from falling in. Some debris can be washed into the gutter, and the necessary cleaning may not be straightforward as the guards are relatively heavy and difficult to remove.

Which should you choose?

You may not need gutter guards if you live in an area that’s relatively free of dust and sand, has no trees nearby, and has few nesting birds. In other cases, they will help prevent blockages and water damage and reduce the maintenance needed.

Choose carefully to get the best type. Micromesh and reverse curve guards are the best against pine needles, all types will work well in stopping leaves from getting through, and brush and foam types are the least visible. 

At Aussie DIY Solutions, we offer a wide range of gutter guards to suit every possible DIY budget. We provide gutter guard kits & ember guard kits for corrugated, tiled, trimdek® and Klip-Lok® roofs and kits for box gutters and roof valleys

We also provide solar panel mesh for solar panel protection from birds. 

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