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These gutter guard saddles make it easy to attach your mesh to your roof – and with all the colors and styles available here at Aussie DIY Solutions, you’ll quickly find the right products for your job.

You don’t have to compromise on the design of your home to protect your gutters. With over 20 different color options for saddles and trim, you’re sure to find a close enough match that the fit looks identical.

These days, you can protect your roof and gutters without having to call the professionals to your home and shelling hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our complete kits have made it so anyone can install their own gutter protection – if you just need a few extra saddles or an extra few feet of trim to complete the job, then you’ve come to the right place!

What Types Of Gutter Guard Saddles Are Available At Aussie DIY Solutions?

As you can imagine, different roofs will require different gutter guard saddles. This is necessary to ensure they fit right – you wouldn’t want to use a corrugated iron roof saddle with a TrimDek roof – there wouldn’t be a perfect fit.

Thus, we have two different saddle types available here at Aussie DIY Solution to make sure you achieve that perfect fit when installing your kit:

• Corrugated roof saddles

• Trim-Dek roof saddles

Simply determine what type of roof you have (reach out to us with some pictures if you’re unsure and we can help!), and shop for your saddles accordingly.

Whether you need one gutter guard saddle or 100 – you’ll find prices that work for your budget here. There is no doubt about it – we are the best place to buy all your gutter guard needs!

How To Match Your Saddle & Trim Colours

We already mentioned that a huge benefit of shopping with us for your gutter guard saddles is the diverse range of colors we offer. We can practically guarantee we have the right colors to match your roof and gutter!

But which colors should you go with? Do you get the same color trim and saddles as your mesh? Some of this will come down to personal preference – maybe you have your own unique vision in mind for your job.

However, we recommend you match your trims to the gutter, and the mesh to your roof. This creates the most subtle design possible, and people won’t even notice you have gutter guards installed – that’s what you should be going for when installing these, ultimate discretion!

Why Buy Gutter Guard Saddles, Trim, & Hardware At Aussie DIY Solutions?

Not only do we have the best selection of gutter guard trim, saddles, and hardware – we have the best quality and service, too!

We have spent over 2 decades in this market, and have come to be known as Australia’s choice for DIY gutter guard projects. Here are a few noteworthy reasons for this:

Quality We’re Willing To Stand Behind

We meant it when we said our gutter guard kits & products are as good as it gets. From our gutter mesh to our solar panel mesh, and even our saddles, trim, and hardware – everything is built to stand the test of time.

We’re so confident you’ll be amazed by the durability and protection our products offer that most of them come with an astounding 20-year warranty – if anything ever were to fail, we’d replace it free of charge!

Your gutter guards are going to be put to the test with the Australian weather, trees, and wildlife they’re forced to protect against – we’ve designed them to stand up to the most rigorous of conditions.

Gutter Guard Essentials For Every Roof Out There

There are different types of roofs out there, and thus, you need to ensure you can find a gutter guard designed to be compatible with your specific design.

Here at Aussie DIY Solutions, we’ve put together a kit for every type of room you can imagine. Some of the most popular on our site include:

• Corrugated Roofs

• Trim-Dek Roofs

• Tile Roofs

Other Reasons People Have Chosen Us For Their DIY Gutter Guard Installation

Aside from having the best selection, there are a few other reasons we’re the preferred choice in Australia for all things DIY gutter guards.

For one, we’re 100% Australian-owned and operated. We have over 20 experience in this industry and all our orders come from Melbourne – so you get them quickly after ordering.

Speaking of shipping – we will cover the delivery charge on all orders over $150. If you have a big DIY gutter guard job on your plate, you can take a bit of stress off knowing you won’t have to pay to ship everything.

With our support and advice, getting your gutter guards set up right from the jump is simple. We have the resources you need to do the job right – but if you ever get stuck, we’re just a phone call away waiting to help you out!

So what are you still waiting around for? With Aussie DIY Solutions, the products and knowledge you need to complete your gutter guard installation are at your fingertips.

Grab your kit now, and join the thousands of Australian success stories who no longer have to clean their gutters!