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What DIY Gutter Guard System Will Work Best For You


Quality Gutter Protection 


Every Australian homeowner will deal with clogged gutters and drainpipes, requiring regular unblocking and cleaning. If this is a reoccurring experience for you, like many Australians, it may be time to consider installing a gutter guard to your roof system. Installing long-lasting gutter guard provides high-quality gutter protection, preventing debris and dirt settling and clogging your drains and gutters. There are various guard options that you can consider too including foams, brushes, screens and meshes in materials made from, aluminium, polyethylene, steel or stainless steel.

The aim gutter guards is to prevent leaves and debris from entering and filling your gutter troughs, with the costs reliant on the type of gutter protection you choose to install. For example, foam-based gutter guards are great as low-priced and easy to install, however, they won’t give you as extensive protection as an aluminium mesh gutter guard.

Major advantages of installing gutter guards:

  • No Blockages– Avoid large debris, such as twigs, leaves, fallen fruits, wooden particles and plastic waste collected in bird’s nests and animal waste building up in your gutter. This prevents dirty, smelly and unhygienic water pooling in your gutters inviting insects to breed.

  • No Rust– Gutters are prone to rust and once it starts it can spread quite quickly, resulting in replacement of that gutter. With gutter guard you can slow or stop the rusting process.
  • No Birds and No Nests– Birds are more than happy to nest in your gutters and roof spaces, and by nature will return to these places every nesting season. The gutter guards act to prevent their inhabitant of the gutters as the guards are either too spiky, polished or netted for their liking.
  • Low Maintenance– Best practice is to clean your gutters at the turn of each season or at least thoroughly once a year. After gutter guards, your frequency of cleaning is significantly decreased as they are relatively clean. It is important to note that applying gutter guard to the whole of a property will ensure that the gutters stay cleaner for longer as opposed to installing it partly. 
  • No-Risk– Finally, having gutter guard dramatically reduces your risk of injury by avoiding using ladders or cleaning the gutters yourselves frequently. Moreover, it is more sanitary because of the reduces the risk of contracting diseases due to unclean or clogged gutters.

If something from this post resonated with you and your circumstances with your home guttering systems,  why not consider installing your own gutter guard. Aussie DIY Solutions provide a number of options for different styles of homes across Australia.

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