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Why Damaged Gutters could cost you 1000s

Your guttering system – gutters, downpipes, drains are important to keep your house dry and safe, protecting it from harsh weather conditions.

However, as gutters get older, they can weaken and, like all parts of your home, need maintenance and care to prevent damage. If you neglect your gutters, causing blocked or damaged guttering and downpipes, you risk major damage from leaks.

Exposed gutters over time develop a build-up of debris that blocks gutters and reduces water flow. Once damage occurs due to the build-up of water and debris, the effects can be irreversible, including corrosion and damage to the walls and foundations of your house. This damage will inevitably end up costing you to repair your gutters or replace them entirely.

Why do Gutters Become Damaged?

Improper maintenance of gutters is the leading cause of damage. Therefore, you need to clean your gutters periodically of organic debris and dirt. Fallen leaves, twigs, nesting material, moss, and even dirt build-up can cause blockages in your gutter system. This can also lead to clogs in downspouts which causes drainage issues and water damage problems.  

Suppose your gutter system is clogged; heavy rain can also cause massive pooling, which adds weight to the gutters. 

Damage from Broken Gutters

damaged gutters

Broken gutters can also create damage to your home. Your home may be at risk from further damage like: 

This damage can be easily avoided, but you can be up for some hefty costs without taking the proper precautions.  

How Much does Gutter Replacement Cost?

Replacement guttering costs vary – factoring in gutter material costs, the type of gutter, and labour costs. Some gutter installers charge by the hour, others the lineal metre. The average price is between $40 to $80 per hour, but businesses charge by the metre generally charge between $25 to $35

This is a basic cost guide, so don’t forget to factor in average costs for possible gutter cleaning costs, new gutters, property accessibility, and the material type. In extreme cases, damaged gutter guards may require roof plumbing services and roofing services to repair potential damage to the roof. 

The pricing of gutter installation also varies across states. The gutter replacement, repair costs, including roof repairs, will differ in Melbourne from those in Sydney. 

Simple fascia board installation does not come cheap. An average cost is around $2,500 to $5,000 on a mid-sized home. Replacing all your downpipes and covers will incur further costs.

Lastly, gutter replacement may require removal and disposal, which adds to your overall costs. A job’s overall costs, could be between $6,000 to $8,000.

How does Gutter Guard Prevent Gutter Damage

gutter guard gutter protection system

Before your gutters get to this point, be proactive by installing a gutter guard yourself today for your next home improvement project.

Be Proactive and Protect Your Gutter Using Gutter Guard. Some of the benefits of Gutter Guard include:

  •       Prevent water damage– gutter guard can prevent the pooling stagnant water in your gutters, which could overflow into your home or become a breeding ground for insects.
  •       Economic and efficiency– after installing your gutter guard,you will have to clean your gutters every year or hire someone to do this for you.
  •       Fire protection – our gutter guard kits meet Australian fire safety regulations as they stop the build-up of debris in your gutters, which reduces the risk of embers catching alight on your roof and starting a fire. A house with leaf and debris filled gutters is at a higher risk of burning down during a bushfire. 
  •       Avoid unwanted birds and pests– gutter guards stop birds nesting in your gutters and giving access for pests to your home.

The gutter guards’ cost varies, depending on the material, the gutter guard price, the gutter guard solution, and the length. However, once installed you can be assured that you will no longer be at risk of future damage.

Gutters Repairs – Top 5 Things to Look For:

blocked gutters

Homeowners should routinely inspect the property’s gutter system for damage and gutter repair:

  1. Any cracks, holes, or rust spots – typically, these occur where the water is pooling.
  2. Detached or loose hangers from rot or weakening fascia boards.
  3. The guttering sections are separating, or the gutter is sagging.
  4. Discolouring occurs on the underside of the gutters. It forms as a white powder in appearance and will develop into more typical orange rust patches.
  5. Small blisters that form under the paint feel like sandpaper to touch.

Types of Gutters - materials, design and estimated costs

There are different types of gutters available on the market to replace your old gutters. Here are the most popular ones:

Gutter Materials

rain head gutter guard installation


Aluminium is the most common type of material for gutters in Australia. It is the most cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to work by installers. Aluminium costs around $10 to $20 per metre. The aluminium gutters are coated with a powder coating for added strength. 

The downfall to aluminium is it is prone to dents and can bend under the weight. Additionally, they are ideal for Australian extreme weather conditions. 


Vinyl or PVC is the least expensive type of gutter. It is easy to install, affordable, and does not rust. This is an ideal option for people homeowners wanting to do it themselves.

The downside to PVC is that it is less durable, breaks down over time and the colour can fade. The average price for this type of material is around $25 to $35 per metre.


Stainless Steel

Steel gutters are more expensive than aluminium roof gutters. The average costs are around $75 to $180 per metre. The material is also used as downspouts and is durable when powder-coated making them ideal for Australian extreme weather conditions. 

The downfall to stainless steel is that they are more susceptible to corrosion over time, especially once the powder-coating begins to break down.


Copper guttering is generally more expensive than other types of guttering, but it is also the most uncommon. They are popular for their aesthetic qualities.


Zincalume is an affordable guttering choice with a combination of reinforced zinc with aluminium. It is less common, and it costs around $30 to $50 per metre. Colour-coated zincalume will cost more per metre.

Gutter Design Types

Box gutter gutter guard installation


A square gutter is typical in areas prone to heavy rains as specially designed to catch rainwater. This is the most common gutter to find on homes as it is durable, and the average cost is between $25 to $35 per metre.


These gutters are popular as they are more subtle and less noticeable on homes. They are also standard on commercial properties. Prices may vary, but the gutter replacement cost is approximately $30 per metre.


Quad guttering is used in dense rainfall areas. $20 to $30 per lineal metre is the estimated replacement cost for these types.


Half-round guttering is a curved-base style. A round gutter replacement cost is around $20 per lineal metre.

Aussie DIY Solution Gutter Guard Kits

corrugation gutter guard kit basalt

Our Gutter Guard Kits are made of high-quality aluminium material. They are affixed permanently over your gutters, keeping leaves and debris out of the gutters and blocking water flow.

Our gutter guard kits will help you save money. Our kits come in an array of Colorbond colours so that you can colour-match to your roof’s aesthetics. 


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