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Top 5 Gutter Guard installers in Melbourne (Ranked)

Choosing a gutter guard solution for home is a big choice to make. There are dozens of options on the market for you to choose from and even more companies offering gutter guard products and services. Here at Aussie DIY Solutions, we are one of the country’s leading online providers of gutter guards, but we know that you will want to undertake your own research to ensure you are finding the best DIY gutter guard provider in Melbourne.

Potential customers often ask us, “if I don’t want DIY, then who would you recommend to Install a system?” so to help you with your decision we have compiled our top five DIY gutter guard providers in the Melbourne area. You might think this is a weird thing for us to advertise, but we have always strived to provide customers with an honest and transparent service, so this is just one way of extending that service.

We are sorry to say that we have had requests to take remove names from this post as you can see. We apologise for not being able to give you the information we would like.

5) Removed on Request

Removed on Request are based in the Hawthorn area of Melbourne and are an exclusive provider of the Removed on Request system. Known to service and repair old guttering protection systems, they are amongst the cheapest on the market in terms of price.

Removed on Request offer a mix of products, from their Removed on Request solution to the Box Gutter Guard, Removed on Request Full Metal Gutter Guard and Bushfire Ember Gutter Guard. They also offer solutions for bird proofing your guttering system as well as a range of different colours for those consumers looking for a more aesthetically pleasing finish. The company also offers a repair service, which involves cleaning out, repairing and reinstalling any existing guards on a property.

However despite offering very competitive prices, Removed on Request do have quite mixed reviews online. These independent Google reviews span everything from five star reviews to one star reviews, so whilst they might be able to offer some of the most affordable products on the market, the quality of those products and the service they offer might not be as high as some other providers on the market.

4) Removed on Request

Removed on Request Home Solutions have been providing the Melbourne area with gutter guards and home improvement solutions for over thirty years and has built up a strong reputation for good products and a friendly service.

Alongside the gutter guards, Removed on Request also offers customers with a roof restoration service, bird proofing service and full roof repairs. Each guard is powder-coated to ensure durability and performance whilst they also offer a range of colours for compatibility with any colour roof. Before each installation, Removed on Request offer a free gutter guard cleaning service so customers are able to start afresh as soon as the guards have been installed.

The family-run operation is based in Knoxfield, Victoria and serve the surrounding area with a range of gutter guard solutions. However despite their great reviews and high quality products, the actual range of products that they offer is relatively small compared to other gutter guard providers on the market so you might not be able to find the exact product or style that you are after. The products that they do offer are made from a high-quality aluminium, although they do not offer any plastic or steel made products in their collection meaning you might struggle to find something that works in the highest Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings..

3) Removed on Request

Removed on Request are based in Melbourne and have over twenty years of experience in roofing and gutter guards. Since their launch in 1997, the company has been able to build up a significant collection of very good reviews from customers. Offering quite a choice of gutter guards to choose from, most DIY enthusiasts will be able to find a gutter guard solution for their property.

Each of their gutter guards products have been designed to be resistant to rusting over time from exposure to the elements and will also not burn like galvanised steel. Independently tested by CSIRO, the guards are suitable for use in areas that are prone to bushfires and come with a thirty year warranty on the products. Removed on Request also offers customers a fixed price contract option to help with the purchase of any of their guards.

The Removed on Request range has been designed to fit most roof styles and are 100% bird proof so can stop any from entering your system and setting up nest. Creating a valley in the corners of the gutter, the Removed on Request design will still need an annual clean out to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible.

Whilst they do have very good reviews online, Removed on Request Gutter Protection are not a specialist gutter guard provider; their main focus is actually on roof repair and services, so whilst this does not detract from their skill or product there are some more gutter guard-focused companies on the market that might be able to provide you with a dedicated solution bespoke to your property.


2) Complete Gutter Solutions

Complete Gutter Solutions is another family-run business and has been operating in the Melbourne area for nearly 35 years. Specialist gutter guard providers, Complete Gutter Solutions have a great reputation for providing high quality guards and great customer service which does make them a popular choice for consumers.

Using fully qualified and insured installers, Complete Gutter Solutions gutter guards have been designed to prevent leaves and debris from entering your guttering system as well as protecting against birds and other vermin from entering and setting up nest too. Alongside installation, Complete Gutter Solutions also offers customers with additional services such as cleaning and restoration and repairs of any existing gutter guards you have installed on your property.

Their range of products are made from either Aluminium Mesh, Premium Affordable Polyethylene Mesh or Woven Aluminium Gutter Guard. The design are a traditional ski slope style protection, which is designed to push debris down towards the ground whilst still allowing water into the gutter.

Although their product range has very strong reviews, Complete Gutter Solutions do have a fairly limited product range when it comes to the amount of different styles on offer. One of the biggest negatives that customers and potential customers have found is that they do not offer a high bushfire attack level rated mesh, which means if you are living in an area prone to attack you should look to protect your home further with a properly rated ember guard .


1) Aussie Gutter Protection

Aussie Gutter Protection, or AGP as they are also known, has been serving the Victoria area for nearly twenty years and during that time they have been able to help over 14,000 customers find their perfect gutter guard solution. With one of the widest product ranges of any Melbourne-based company, Aussie Gutter Protection also offers customers the choice of TuffMesh; a heavy duty diamond mesh that is perfect for use in coastal areas.

The family owned business have installed gutter guards across Victoria as well as all regions of Australia and they are able to provide guards suitable for older properties as well as modern new builds. Aussie Gutter Protection also provide homeowners with Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rated products for those who are living in an area that is prone to seasonal bushfires.

Their products are also able to protect against birds and other vermin and have been installed on government buildings, private schools and commercial buildings such as factories and offices. Although they do have one of the largest product ranges on the market, the TuffMesh range in particular can be quite expensive when compared to some of the other products on offer, although it is worth pointing out that it does come with a 25 year material warranty.

Of course these are just a handful of the many different gutter guard providers covering the Melbourne area. If you are looking to undertake the work yourself, or to save yourself some money, then here at Aussie DIY Solutions we are ready to answer you questions and supply you with the same materials used by the companied above straight to your door..

With one of the largest product collections on the market, we are confident that you will be able to find the perfect solution for your home at the best possible price. If you are not sure if DIY is for you, or you would like to know a little more about us, then get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today who will happily talk you through the various options we have available for your property.

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