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Get an Improved Rainwater Harvesting System With Gutter Guard



Think Water Tanks

Let’s face it, if you don’t have a water tank… why not? With drought and climate change experts tip that water will become more tradable and expensive than oil or gold.  Although, many people enjoy a good future dystopian world-ending movie, we don’t want to live it. If you’re in the market for your first or new water tank there are many options to choose from. If you aren’t in the market and don’t have one, consider it!

Water tanks are one of the most effective way of collecting and storing clean drinkable water for economical and sustainable purposes such as drinking and watering the garden. As a long-term investment a rainwater tank is one of the bests, especially as we live in a dry, drought-prone country!


Let me further convince you – the advantages:

·       Storing rainwater for drinking

·       Water your gardens, veggie patches, food forests, lawns and more.

·       Wash your car at home.

·       Fill and top up your pool or spa.

·       Reduce mains water use inside the home and save money.

·       Or, opt to fully replace mains water use inside your home.

There are various form factors, materials and colours that rainwater tanks come in to suit your home and needs. These include slimline metal tanks, polyethylene tanks and space saving bladders. Your choices should consider what you will be predominantly using them for and the practicality of fitting one to your home. Rainwater tanks used predominantly for outside use, such as watering your garden and lawns, a large slimline plastic tank or corrugated steel tank would be great. If you are wanting it specifically for drinking water, good filtration is super important. To get the most out of your new source of drinking water, start by looking at tanks around 1000 to 2500L in size.

To get the most out of your investment, consider replacing your main source of water with a tank. Although it will add some expenses to plumb the water tank in, you’ll have huge economical and sustainable gains. Think about how many household appliances use a main water supply, like your washing machine and dishwasher. As you use these appliances, more space is made in the tank for refilling, so undoubtedly you’ll use the water tank capacity more than several times per year. A further bonus, you won’t have to worry about darn drain blockages, especially if you have installed gutter guards allowing efficient draining of your rainwater tank.

The costs for water tanks depend on its purpose, the type of tank and whether you decide to use it indoors, outdoors or both. Further cost considerations for above the ground tanks is the cost of foundations needed, and for belowground tanks you will need to keep in mind labour and excavation costs required. Local licenced plumbers are your experts, so if replacing water mains with a tank, your first point of call is to them. Tanks are heavily regulated to avoid  contamination of public water supply, so be smart and do your research.



Keeping Water Clean with Gutter Guard

Especially for water tanks that supply drinking water, regular maintenance is a must, like   checking for debris, overhanging branches and leaves to prevent damage to your filters and pipes.

As most of the water collected into tanks run off your roof it is vital that you ensure your home’s gutters are kept clean and free from debris. Installing gutter guard  to your gutters firstly maximises water flow from your roof meaning a higher volume of clean water flowing directly into your tank; and secondly to improve water hygiene and cleanliness.



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