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Stick on gutter guards: Pros & Cons

Are you looking to install new gutter guards in your home? Are you looking to replace your worn or dated gutter guard system? Whatever the reason you might be looking to install a new guard system to your property, finding the right solution for your home can be a confusing task.

Modern gutter guards come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so it is essential that you can find the right one for your property. There can be no denying that the right guard can provide several benefits. Whilst their primary function is to prevent your gutter from getting blocked, which ensures you will not face any water damage, they can also reduce the number of times you have to climb that ladder and clean your gutters out.

A correctly fitted gutter guard can protect your home and ensure your gutters remain in full working condition, but many homeowners often look for the most affordable solution when searching for a new gutter guard. Stick-on gutter guards are amongst the cheapest on the market, but what are the pros and cons of this solution?

What are stick on gutter guards?

As the name suggests, stick-on gutter guards are a solution that has been specifically designed to quickly attach to your property. These come in a wide range of solutions and are generally created to be very quick to install and give homeowners the ability to quickly install a gutter guard at home by themselves.

Typically, stick-on gutter guards are mesh-style guards that attache seamlessly from the roof of the property to the outside lip of the gutter. This provides complete coverage over the gutter and ensures a seamless design that can look aesthetically pleasing.

Stick-on gutter guards use a strong adhesive that can attach to various materials, ensuring that no matter the size of your property or the style of roof you have, you will be able to find a stick-on gutter guard suitable for you.



  • Affordable 
  • Easy to attach
  • quick to install
  • Strong filtration
  • Shorter lifespan
  • Shorter Warranty & Less Durable 
  • Can get Blocked
  • Less effective for fine debris 
  • Less suitable for other gutter guard solutions

What are the pros of stick on gutter guards?

Stick-on gutter guards are a very popular choice for many homeowners across Australia. They are a very common solution to protecting your gutters and have several benefits, including:


One of the most significant benefits of stick-on gutter guards is that they are an affordable solution. Unlike more permanent fixing solutions, the stick-on options are amongst some of the cheapest on the market, which makes them a great option for property owners who are on a budget.

Easy to attach

Another very popular benefit of utilising stick-on gutter guards is that they are very easy to affix to your property. They require no specialist knowledge and can be installed relatively easily by any DIY enthusiast.

Quick to install

Alongside being very easy to install, stick-on gutter guards are also a very quick installation. Thanks to them not requiring any screws or permanent fixings, the adhesive-backed guards can quickly be placed in the required positions.

Strong filtration

Most stick-on gutter guards feature very small holes, which provide very strong filtration to your gutters. These tiny holes allow rainwater to flow freely through your guttering system, preventing debris from entering it.

What are the cons of stick-on gutter guards?

Although stick-on gutter guards do provide homeowners with several benefits, they do also have some negatives too:

Will need replacing more regularly

One of the biggest negatives of stick-on gutter guards is that the adhesive substance used to attach them to your property can break down over time. This degradation can occur more rapidly depending on the weather conditions to which the gutter guards are exposed.

This means that they are not as long-lasting as those guards, which are affixed using more permanent solutions such as screws.

Shorter Warranty & Less Durable 

As stick-on gutter guards do not last as long, stick-on gutter guards have a shorter warranty compared to many other gutter guard options available on the market.

Can get blocked

Although the small holes offer great filtration, they can easily become blocked. This means water cannot filter through and into your system, pooling on your roof instead. This means that you will need to regularly clean your gutter guard system to ensure it works as efficiently as designed.

Less effective for fine debris proofing 

Stick-on gutter guards are less effective against fine debris like pine needles. The debris builds up in areas where the gutter guards rest against the gutter edge. These types of gutter guards often create a flat surface over the gutter edge or roof, and build-up occurs because of the lack of a slope. Often, the mesh hole size is larger than gutter guards for finer debris, like ember guards, and will filter through the guards and block the gutters. 

Less suitable for other gutter guard solutions

Stick-on gutter guards are less effective for other forms of gutter guard solutions such as bir proofing, vermin and pest proofing and ember protection. These gutter guards are also unsuitable for homes where gutter guards are part of rainwater harvesting system. 


How we can help

At Aussie DIY Solutions, we believe that DIY products should not compromise quality over easy installation. Our DIY gutter guard system provide homeowners with comprehensive gutter protection. We provide a wide range of gutter guard options that are more permanent, ensuring that no matter the size of your property or budget, you will be able to find the perfect solution.

We also offer expert DIY installation instructions, ensuring your gutter guard is securely attached to the property and works as efficiently as designed. Want to find out more? Get in touch today!

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