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Who Are The Best DIY Gutter Guard Providers In Australia?

When it comes to protecting your home, installing a gutter guard is a vital addition to your property. A gutter guard helps to prevent your guttering system from becoming blocked, which in turn can lead to serious structural damage as water builds up on your roof.

It is not just water damage that a gutter guard helps to protect from though, a well installed guard will stop pests and vermin from entering the gutter system and then setting up home in your property. Using specialist guards, otherwise known as Ember Guards, they are specifically designed to stop burning embers from entering the property and catching flammable material such as dead leaves and other debris alight.

Playing such a vital role in protecting your home, it is important that you use the best possible materials and providers. Here at Aussie DIY Solutions, we are one of the country’s leading online providers of gutter guards, however we understand that you would want to conduct some in-depth research on the different brands available before making your decision.

To help you, we have examined five of the best gutter guard providers in Australia. You might think this is an odd thing to do, but our ethos has always been to be open, transparent and completely honest with all of our customers and potential customers.

5) Gutter Guard Direct

Since their launch over thirty years ago, Gutter Guard Direct have been providing solutions to home owners across Australia. Striving to use the best materials and latest technologies available, the Knoxfield-based company offers a wide choice of products for customers to choose from as well as a range of installation services.

The Gutter Guard Direct range has been designed to create what is known as a ski slope effect over the gutter system, basically creating an extension of your roof. The idea behind this is to allow the wind to naturally blow any leaves and debris off the roof and down towards the ground.

Their product range consists of:

– 3mm x 4mm aluminium mesh range which is available in a range of colorbond colours

– Blue Scope Steel Saddles, which are designed to secure the aluminium mesh guards to iron roofs.

– Blue Scope Steel Trims, which are made from coil rolled colorbond sheeting which is 10mm x 15mm, forming a 90 degree angle over your gutter system.

– Colorbond Hex-Head Screws, which are self-drilling and come in the same colour as the guards to help them blend in.

Each of the Gutter Guard Direct DIY kits come with the required materials to be able to install these at home. Made from aluminium, the guards all comply with Australian bushfire building requirements and also offer strong protection against birds and other vermin.

4) Leafstopper

Leafstopper are one of the premium providers of DIY gutter guards in Australia and the 100% Australian brand has built a strong reputation on providing high quality gutter guards and customer service. Winning the Australian Design Award in 1991, they introduced their first aluminium guard in 2005.

Used to be used architects and builders, Leafstopper products feature on a number of residential and commercial buildings, including a number of schools thanks to a partnership with the government’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) program. Leafstopper products are distributed nationwide by Top Idea Australia Pty Ltd from their headquarters based in Kings Park, NSW.

Only offering one style of design, although that design is available in a host of different colours, the Leafstopper system is another of the ski slope style guards which have been designed to push leaves and debris down towards the ground whilst still allowing water to run through the system cleanly. The company use a patented product, called Trimets, which is a tongue and slot joiner that has been designed for easier instalment whilst working off a ladder or off a roof. The system has also been CSIRO tested which means it will not burn.

3) GumLeaf Gutter Guard

Another popular DIY gutter guard provider, GumLeaf are based in Sydney and offer a nationwide service of their range of products as well as serving much of New Zealand too. Having been in operation for over ten years, they have been able to build up a strong reputation in the industry for providing high quality products and services.

The family-run business patented the Bluescope Colorbond Steel GumLeaf Gutter Guard system in 1995 and since then their easy to install products have been used by Australians across the country. Their current range of products include:

– GumLeaf Colorbond, a steel system that comes with either 4mm holes, designed to prevent most debris from entering, or 2mm holes which is designed for those living in a bush fire prone area. This range comes in over 30 colours and has been featured on Better Homes and Gardens.

– GumLeaf Aluminium, a value-friendly guard, the aluminium material is designed to be very durable and comes with a ten year warranty against rust or damage from being exposed to the element.

– GumLeaf Stainless Steel, the premium product in the range, the stainless steel guards are GumLeaf’s strongest protection against debris with the hole size being 0.33mm in diameter, but can still allow 150 inches of water through per hour. The steel is designed to be impervious to rust and damage from other elements.

2) Bunnings

Bunnings are one of the largest home improvement companies in Australia and provide a huge array of products, including a wide choice of various styles of gutter guards. The company offers a mix of their own brand guards as well as a number of premium third party brands too.

Operating across Australia and New Zealand, Bunnings has over 377 trading locations currently, which is made up of 267 warehouses, 75 format stores, 32 trade centres and three frame and truss centres.

Collectively, the company employs over 44,000 people and although they are not a gutter guard specialist, they do offer dozens of products for DIY instalment with the website currently offering nearly 80 choices for customers to view.

With such a wide choice, there is something for every budget with prices ranging from $2.50 for Saxon Black Plastic (180mm x 8m) up to $747 for Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh (2mm x 30m).

1) DIY Gutter Guard Kits Online

DIY Gutter Guard Kits Online are a premium supplier of various gutter guard styles and sizes. Offering nationwide delivery, they are able to provide solutions for all ranges of roof types; from flat to angled.

DIY Gutter Guard Kits Online offer customers the option for a custom kit specifically designed to their required sizes. Each kit can be installed at home, however they do state that installation of a gutter guard around the gutter line is manageable for a competent handy man, whilst installation of valleys (especially tiled ones) is much more of a challenge.

There are dozens of options available to purchase, with the kits coming in either a High Density Polyethylene Mesh (HDPE) or an Aluminium Mesh format. Both materials are tested regularly by Tapex to ensure quality and durability. They offer three styles of mesh, 250mm, 500mm or 1,000mm and have dozens of colours to choose from allowing consumers to choose one that fits their property.

Whilst these five companies are just a handful of the dozens of businesses in Australia that provide Gutter Guard nationwide, here at Aussie DIY Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing customers with a bespoke service tailored for their exact requirements.

Our integrated aluminium mesh guards will provide you with the ultimate protection, whilst remaining impervious to rust and will not be effected by exposure to sun light. With a wide choice of styles for you to choose from, they have been specifically designed for easy installation, meaning any DIY enthusiast will be able to install them.

If you are thinking about installing a gutter guard system to your property, but are not sure which is the best DIY solution for you, then get in touch with our friendly and experienced Aussie DIY Solutions team today and they will happily talk you through the various options available for you.

You can see our Gutter Guard products here

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