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Best gutter guard suppliers for commercial projects in Australia

For many homeowners, gutter guards are not something they think about until they have a problem. However, for many commercial projects, ensuring that each property is sufficiently protected from debris build-up or burning embers is an essential part of their operations.

gutter guard on metal roof

Clients and interested parties often ask us about the best type of gutter guard for commercial buildings. At Aussie Gutter Protection, we proudly offer homeowners a wide range of proven gutter guard solutions for their properties. We can also offer a large portion of commercial buildings with protection, offering attractive discounts on bulk orders.

However, we also understand that sometimes commercial projects have specialist requirements that our talented team are unable to meet. When this happens, you might be wondering who to turn to, and there are two major gutter guard supply companies we recommend that supply the commercial grade guards suitable for these projects.

ember guard on Klip-Lok roof

Commercial grade gutter guards provide users with a broader range of sitting options to ensure they can fit across the wider gaps that things such as parapets create on commercial buildings. The two major companies that we recommend are Blue Mountain Mesh and Screen Tech Industries.

Aussie DIY Solutions partners with  Screen Tech Industries more as they are based in Melbourne, which makes it more convenient for ourselves and our customers. However, both companies produce a vast array of high-quality products at very attractive prices, which makes them suitable for commercial projects. They also offer customers samples of their products and provide expert advice and guidance to property owners, companies and architects, ensuring that they will help you always find the best solution for your needs.

We thought we would look closely at both companies to ensure you have complete information on their services.

Blue Mountain Co Mesh

Over the past 25 years, Blue Mountain Mesh has been known under various different guises due to their extensive product range. 

In 2018, the company made things a little easier for its customers and streamlined the multiple brands under one common name, Blue Mountain Mesh. The company bases its entire range and services on three core pillars of success.


Blue Mountain Mesh invests extensively in research and development, ensuring they can offer commercial customers a broad range of products. They focus on providing long-lasting guards that can provide maximum protection.

Customer Service

Alongside the wide range of products, Blue Mountain Mesh also focuses on providing its customers with extensive advice and support as part of its services.


Blue Mountain Mesh also provides comprehensive and simple-to-understand resources, helping customers understand how their products work and why ensuring that they can make the most informed decisions.

The company’s range of commercial gutter guards includes meshing solutions to protect against leaves, flooding, bushfires, pests and workplace accidents. They offer solutions for various industries and buildings, ensuring they have a solution for any property.

ScreenTech Gutter Guards

tile roof gutter guard

With over 20 years of experience working within the gutter guard industry, Screen Tech was created as a solution for trade customers seeking high-quality gutter guard options at wholesale prices. The brand manufactures and supplies a vast collection of guards produced from some of the most durable and long-lasting materials, including polyethylene, aluminium, colorbond and stainless steel mesh.

Alongside its high-quality products, the brand offers commercial customers in-depth support and service, ensuring they can always find the perfect solution for their needs. Screen Tech also strives to provide some of the quickest turnaround times within the industry, ensuring that no matter how urgent your gutter guard needs are, you will quickly be able to find an in-depth solution.

The unique mesh solutions on offer come in a wide range of commercial sizes, guaranteeing that no matter the size of your property or the area of gutters you need protecting, they will be able to help you find the perfect solution.

One of the most attractive aspects of Screen Tech’s services is that they offer customers the chance to buy complete custom kits in any length they would like and for any roof type of situation. This ensures you will always have everything required to completely kit your property. The company also provides customers with the choice of standard and custom width solutions, and the most popular Commercial guards include:

TuffMesh Poly

These exclusive collections are designed to offer no compromise and are ideal for use in any coastal area thanks to the 1000gsm polyethylene material being incredibly resistant to salt water.

TuffMesh Aluminium

If you face vermin and pest infestations, then the Screen Tech aluminium TuffMesh or GutterMesh solutions are 50% heavier than standard guards, making them ideal for preventing them from breaking through the guard.

TuffMesh Ember

These ranges are Australia’s heaviest gutter protection product. They cannot only prevent debris and pests from finding a way into your gutter, but they are also perfect against burning embers from entering the property. This is an important aspect if you live in an area that is prone to bushfires.

Alongside their ultra-tough solutions, Screen Tech also provides a full collection of additional gutter guard materials and fixings, ensuring you can always find what you need.

How we can help

If you are seeking new gutter guards for your property, or you are looking to replace your existing solutions, our team is here to help you. We work with homeowners and business owners to help them to find the perfect solutions for their building.

We provide our customers with a huge choice of gutter guard solutions, but if we are not able to help you to protect your commercial property, then we will recommend you to one of these proven companies to ensure that your building is always protected.

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