Bunnings Gutter Guards; Are They Any Good?

When it comes to home improvement products, Bunnings are one of the biggest and most popular providers in both Australia and New Zealand; making them the go to solution for many home owners who are looking to install gutter guards to their property through a DIY project.

By being one of the biggest retailers in the country, Bunnings offers customers a huge choice of both own-branded products as well as premium household named brands. They provide customers with a huge range of gutter guards, with some of their most popular ranges including:

1) Brush Gutter Guard

These are one of the cheapest gutter guards in the Bunnings range, costing around $15 a metre. These guards are effective at what they do, but whilst they are quick and easy to install by simply slotting into your guttering system, they are not a complete solution and leaves and debris are still able to find their way into your gutters.

Made from durable and often fire-resistant materials, they are suitable for most homes however their lifespan is often limited to just a few years.

2) Foam Inserts

Cheaper than the brush gutter guards, Bunnings foam guards cost around £10 per metre and are a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts as they are incredibly easy to install. Unlike some brands on the market, the Bunnings range has been UV stabilised to prevent degradation from the sun as well as being fire retardant.

Preventing anything apart from water from entering the gutter, foam guards are very effective however they are prone to creating debris build up as well as having a tendency to result in seeds sprouting within the system if not cleared away.

3) Fixed Mesh

The fixed mesh gutter guard systems are amongst the most popular styles of guard in Australia at the moment thanks to their incredible effectiveness and their relatively cheap price, coming it at $12 a metre.

Made from a highly durable steel, the small holes in the mesh are able to let rain water to flow freely throughout the guttering system whilst preventing any debris such as dead leaves, dirt and twigs into it. Typically being fixed directly to your roof, they do require a higher level of DIY skill than foam inserts or brush guards but are still capable of being installed by most people.

4) Stay Mesh

Working in a similar fashion to the fixed mesh solution, stay mesh is made from a durable plastic and is able to be slotted into the guttering system without needing much effort.

Costing under $10 per metre, they are a very cost-effective solution for home owners and the Bunnings range has been specially treated to be UV stabilising to help improve its lifespan even further.

One problem with the plastic range is that it is not as long-lasting as the metal version and are prone to having a build-up of debris due to the flat platform the mesh creates at the top of the gutter.

5) Gumleaf Sheets

Gumleaf sheets work in a similar fashion to both fitted and stay mesh guards, however it offers a far higher durability and strength compared to them. Costing $12.50 a metre, the Bunnings gumleaf sheets are incredibly popular and have been proven to provide strong protection against debris and keep gutters clearer for longer.

However in order to work as efficiently as possible, they do need to be kept clear of any debris build up that can occur on its flat surface – a particular problem if your property has a flat roof.

Bunnings are certainly one of the biggest providers of DIY gutter guards to Australia, however here at Aussie DIY Solutions we offer customers bespoke, non-mass produced aluminium gutter guards that are perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to protect their home.

Our integrated mesh guards provide the perfect protection against debris entering your guttering, no matter the shape or style of your roof. Coming in a range of sizes, to ensure installation is even easier for you.

So if you are looking to install gutter guards to your property, or replace your existing guards, then view our range of high-quality guards here.